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Vicodin Abuse Treatment for Women

Today, opiates like Vicodin are a popular prescription for chronic pain management and acute pain relief after a surgical procedure or injury. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long to become physically addicted to your Vicodin prescription. The process of breaking that addiction usually means uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and, in some cases, serious medical complications.

Vicodin rehab treatment helps women who have been avoiding dealing with their Vicodin addiction to take steps to start a new life for themselves and their families.

Vicodin Rehab Treatment for Women: Options

Women can find a number of different Vicodin rehab treatment options when Vicodin addiction is a problem. Inpatient residential treatment facilities provide a place away from home where you can eliminate your stresses as well as your access to Vicodin and other drugs. Outpatient Vicodin rehab treatment programs either offer you detox assistance by providing you with medications to limit your withdrawal symptoms or they offer psychological treatment and counseling to help you after you are physically independent of the drug.

Unfortunately, many who are addicted to pain pills became so because they have a number of commitments: career, family, community. These responsibilities serve to exacerbate the addiction and prevent its treatment at the same time. For these women, outpatient Vicodin rehab is preferable.

For those who can manage it, inpatient Vicodin rehab treatment is recommended. Statistically speaking, the chances of a long and successful abstinence after a long-term residential program are higher for those due to the more immersive nature of the treatment.

Vicodin Rehab Treatment for Women: Family Therapy

For many women, the obligations to care for elderly family members or small children keep them from the Vicodin rehab treatment they need. Unfortunately, the longer you put off treatment, the longer your family is in danger of negligence due to your Vicodin use. Whether it’s as simple as being unavailable to them emotionally because you are high or as serious as recklessly driving under the influence or forgetting their doctor’s appointments or medications, your Vicodin addiction hurts your loved ones every day that it continues.

Vicodin Rehab Treatment for Women: Eating Disorders

Food issues are a common problem for women, especially when drug addiction is an issue. Many women start taking Vicodin or begin to abuse a prescription because of feelings of inadequacy. Others may feel that the pills help them eat less and assist them in losing weight.

Eating disorder treatment professionals agree that good food is essential to good health and that learning how to eat correctly can empower you in your recovery both during your stay at a Vicodin rehab treatment center and long after you return home. In addition to providing meals that are based on local, organic produce and fresh, detox-oriented foods according to your dietary needs, treatment centers may also offer a number of counseling options around food and nutrition. These include cooking therapy, nutrition counseling, eating disorder therapy, and cooking classes.

Paying for Vicodin Rehab Treatment for Women

Another coming obstacle for women considering Vicodin rehab treatment is money. Vicodin addiction is a pricey habit and after years of living with the disease, chances are your finances are in a shambles.

There are a number of ways to pay for Vicodin rehab treatment, starting with your health insurance policy. Because Vicodin addiction is a medical disease, partial and sometimes full coverage of a Vicodin rehab program is usually written into the policy. You will likely have to pay your deductible upfront and it may not cover the entire cost, depending upon the specifics of your plan, so check with your insurance agent or HR rep at work for details.

If insurance isn’t covering the entire cost of Vicodin rehab or if you don’t have health insurance, you have more options. Payment plans and financing are available at a growing number of addiction treatment centers.