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Holistic Vicodin Rehab

Holistic Vicodin Rehab

For those thinking about Vicodin rehab, the choice of an holistic program means that you are about to begin a comprehensive medical treatment that speaks to the multiple levels of experience affected by addiction. Rather than a simple detox designed only to treat the most basic withdrawal symptoms, an holistic Vicodin rehab program provides you with psychological care and counseling and aftercare services as well as a fully supported medical detox followed by a continued detoxification course of treatment throughout your stay.

1. Medication and Detox

Addiction to opioid-based medications like Vicodin can be scary because of the intense nature of physical dependence that develops relatively quickly during early use. Shortly after starting a Vicodin prescription for pain, a higher dose is needed just to maintain the initial pain relieving effects. Soon after that, you may start to focus on the prescription more, augmenting it with other drugs including alcohol or asking for a higher dose, even by procuring fraudulent prescriptions. The rapid development of Vicodin addiction is part of why an aggressive medical detox using medication is often necessary.

There are medications available to “replace” Vicodin, medications which do not provide a “high” or euphoric effect and have low to no risk of overdose. These drugs allow you to detox slowly and at your own pace, avoiding withdrawal symptoms at the same time.

Other medications treat the specific withdrawal symptoms that you experience. This option serves to shorten and intensify your Vicodin detox experience simultaneously. The right course for you will depend upon a number of factors and will be discussed by you and your doctor.

2. Continued Detox

Just as important as treating withdrawal symptoms is continuing to flush toxins out of your system throughout treatment. Detox doesn’t stop when your withdrawal symptoms fade. Rather, through a healthy and balanced diet and exercise as well as a good sleep schedule, you will continue to get healthier and feel better throughout your stay at an holistic Vicodin rehab.

3. Attention to the Mind

Though physical dependence is a key element and focus of Vicodin rehab, the direction of the program turns toward the psychological, mental and emotional dependence upon the drug after the detox phase of treatment. Through psychotherapeutic counseling, you can explore a number of different therapies to unlock your personal drug history and explore the development of your dependence upon Vicodin. It is rarely as simple as a physical tolerance to the drug. More often, there are issues of depression, anxiety, self-esteem, body issues, family problems and acute trauma that underlie the need to escape through drug addiction. Psychotherapeutic treatment will reveal these things and help you come up with more productive ways to deal with and treat these specific issues.

Psychiatric treatment also allows you to undergo a dual diagnosis Vicodin addiction treatment, if necessary. For those who live with co-occurring disorders like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and others, drug addiction is a common problem and it is recommended that you choose a dual diagnosis program that provides treatment for both issues at the same time.

4. Attention to the Spirit

Just as important as the attention paid to the physical and psychological aspects of addiction are the therapies geared toward the spiritual side of healing. Holistic therapies offer a number of different avenues to help you discover your authentic self. Finding peace and contentment within is not something that can be treated with a straightforward cookie cutter treatment program. Rather, spiritual development comes through dedication and openness and holistic healing options offer you the opportunity to apply both those principles and grow through recovery.

5. Aftercare Services

Aftercare services are extremely varied, as each person’s progress along his or her own recovery path will be different. Not everyone who successfully completes an holistic Vicodin rehab will be prepared to return home, opting instead to enroll in a sober living facility. Still others may be ready to go home, but require the care and attention of a sober companion who is tasked to help them adjust their lifestyle and schedule to their new principles. Many will feel confident to head off into the world with their new perspective and check-in throughout the week with a counselor.

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