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Choosing the Best Executive Vicodin Rehab


According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, in 2009, 16 million Americans 12 and older used a prescription pain reliever for non-medicinal reasons at least one time. With Vicodin, the numbers are high for those who develop addictions to the drug. An addiction to Vicodin mostly begins innocently when a doctor prescribes the drug for pain relief. However, Vicodin can be difficult to give up, leading to lies to doctors for more or even seeking out the drug illegally. With so many using and abusing Vicodin, executive Vicodin rehab programs and centers prove vital toward getting over an addiction. Addicts who don’t seek treatment in controlled environments face prolonged problems they might not always consider.

Problems with Prolonged Vicodin Use for Executives

Executives and those in high-stress jobs can be prone to addiction. When stress levels rise, one can find solace and comfort in Vicodin. Unfortunately, the long-term affects of this addiction are harrowing.

If you are seeking treatment for Vicodin addiction, you are already on the right track toward better physical and mental health. Addicts often don’t realize the many problems that develop when they use Vicodin for a long time or in an inappropriate manner. Some put off treatment, believing Vicodin only affects them in the short term.  Here are a few of the dangers associated with long-term Vicodin use:

  • Withdrawal symptoms of sweats, agitation, tremors and insomnia
  • Liver disease due to too much or prolonged use of the acetaminophen in Vicodin
  • In worst cases, death from respiratory complications
  • Physical tolerance and dependency

Vicodin Detoxification Programs

If you recognize the prolonged problems with Vicodin use, you may have decided to seek treatment for your Vicodin addiction. While no two Vicodin rehab programs are exactly the same, there are a number of basic processes executive rehab centers follow to treat Vicodin addictions.

The first step an addict may tackle is Vicodin detox, almost always in a controlled residential setting. An addiction to Vicodin is first and foremost a physical addiction. Detoxification allows the user to cleanse their body from Vicodin’s harmful toxins. Like with most drug detox programs, users will go through strong withdrawal symptoms. Depending on how far gone your addiction may be, detox can take several weeks.

Vicodin Rehab Counseling for Executives

Treatment centers that are designed with executives in mind offer discreet services. For executives, privacy is often of the utmost importance and high-end facilities accustomed to treating celebrities and executives can provide this. Besides additional amenities and privacy, treatment plans are similar to those at traditional institutions.

After detox, most executive Vicodin rehab centers will then focus on counseling, once again in a live-in setting. Nearly every drug rehab program, from those that treat alcohol abuse to those that focus on heroin addiction, uses this method. Counseling for a Vicodin addiction allows the user to better understand their addiction and their reasons behind beginning abuse in the first place. Counseling can take place in individual sessions or in group settings, with other addicts or recovering addicts.

In order for Vicodin rehab to be successful, an addict will usually take their rehabilitation home with them. Aftercare involves attending counseling outside of the rehab center, going to meetings like Narcotics Anonymous or living in a controlled sober environment.

The Importance of Vicodin Rehab

Most Vicodin rehab programs are in live-in or residential settings, lending the addict the intensive treatment and care they need. Addicts will often stay as long as it takes in these centers to gain control of their addiction. Some addicts try to overpower their addiction by tackling their problem without the help of Vicodin rehab centers. However, even the strongest individuals find relapse a common occurrence of trying to fight Vicodin addiction on their own. Executive and luxury Vicodin treatment programs lend the addict the care and support they need in a controlled environment. Without these focused treatment centers, an addiction to Vicodin can be overwhelming to fight alone.

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