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Veterans Affairs

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is an organization dedicated to helping those who have served in the United States military to thrive physically, mentally and financially after their service is complete. With more than 22 million veterans living in the United States, it is a population that deserves attention.

Are you a veteran in need of services? Are you a family member of a veteran who needs help? If so, there are a number of programs available that can benefit you and your family. Learn more about getting what you need when you contact us at the phone number listed above today.

VA Stats

  • It is believed that there are about 22.7 million veterans in the US.
  • It is estimated that about 8.1 percent of US veterans are female. That number is expected to increase in coming years.
  • California is home to more veterans than any other state: more than 1.97 million.
  • About 12 percent of US veterans are African American, more than 6 percent are Hispanic, and about 4 percent are other races. These numbers are projected to increase in coming years.

Programs Offered by Veterans Affairs

Many veterans come away from their time in service with little but their military experience to help them get a job. Still others have debilitating health issues related or unrelated to their time in service. Whatever the issue, the VA offers a number of services and programs dedicated to helping veterans get what they need to take care of themselves and their families. Just a few of their programs include:

  • Veterans Retraining Assistance Program:  Veterans between the ages of 35 and 50 who have no GI Bill money left to pay for higher education and job training may qualify for this program and get the skills they need to be employed in a high demand job.
  • Go Red Heart Match:  Dedicated to helping female veterans fight heart disease, this service allows female veterans who struggle with the disorder to find each other and get the support they need to fight the issue.
  • VA Veterans Hiring Fair:  Job fairs help veterans find the employers who are looking to support them and their service by offering them a job at a fair wage.
  • Veterans Crisis Line:  Free confidential support to veterans, their family, and their friends who are in crisis. Contact: 1-888-744-0789 Who Answers? or text 838255.

Rural workshops are also offered throughout the country so veterans can learn about the services available to them.

Mental Wellness After Military Service

A number of veterans who have served in war-torn locations suffer from mental health issues that require professional attention. Some of the most common disorders include:

Getting What You Need to Heal

If Veterans Affairs doesn’t have what you need to treat your mental health disorder or doesn’t have enough to completely mitigate the symptoms, private treatment services can help you fill in the blanks. A wide range of alternative and holistic services are available to help round out your treatment program and give you the tools you need to feel more balanced and stable.

Our phone number is listed above and available for you to call 24 hours a day. Call now to talk to a counselor about your options in mental health treatment.

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