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Secular Organizations for Sobriety

Secular Organizations for Sobriety

If you’re uncomfortable with the spiritual nature of 12-step groups, Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS) aims to provide an alternative, giving you all the same support in recovery that you would find in Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous but without the requirement of accepting any version of a Higher Power in order to begin.

Secular Organizations for Sobriety Quick Facts

  • SOS is not anti-spirituality or opposed to any 12-step meetings that incorporates spirituality.
  • In Secular Organizations for Sobriety, the individual is given credit for their own progress and achievements in recovery, as opposed to the Higher Power.
  • SOS understands alcoholism by applying the scientific method.
  • The sole goal of Secular Organizations for Sobriety is to help people who want to fight alcoholism to stay sober.

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Do I Have to Be an Atheist to Go to SOS Meetings?

No. You can be religious or not. Secular Organizations for Sobriety just choose to keep religion and spirituality separate from recovery.

The Sobriety Priority

It’s the number one goal of every group in Secular Organizations for Sobriety: to stay sober no matter what. That means no drugs or alcohol for any reason. How do you accomplish this, according to SOS?

  • By learning how to be honest
  • Being direct in your communication
  • Choosing abstinence even when it’s hard
  • Maintaining the privacy of others in the group
  • Seeking support from others when you need it, giving support to others when they ask

The search for the “good life,” a life without drinking, is the focus no matter what difficulties or temptations arise.

How to Stay Sober: Recovery Without Religion

James Christopher is the founder of Secular Organizations for Sobriety, and the author of How to Stay Sober: Recovery Without Religion. In this book, he outlines the finer points of getting and staying sober without incorporating spirituality or religion of any kind, using his own path to sobriety as an example. In another book of his, Unhooked: Staying Sober and Drug Free, Christopher shares the history of SOS and offers more strategies for maintaining both self-respect and sobriety – a topic he explores even more in-depth in SOS Sobriety: The Proven Alternative to 12-Step Programs.

Court-Approved Alternative to 12-Step Programs

In 1987, the California courts said that offenders who were mandated to attend 12-step meetings could instead attend Secular Organizations for Sobriety meetings to fulfill the requirement. Additionally, thanks to the availability and reliability of SOS meetings, the Veterans Administration has banned policies that require participation in any programs that are religious in nature.

Where Does Spirituality Fit Into Your Recovery?

For some people, an exploration of spirituality during their recovery is one of the many freedoms they enjoy thanks to their newfound sobriety. For others, it is entirely separate from their interest in avoiding drugs and alcohol, and for still others, it plays no part whatsoever. No matter what your level of interest in including spirituality in your recovery, you can find a support group that is in line with your way of thinking. Call now to speak to a counselor about your options.

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