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Pills Anonymous

Pills Anonymous

Pills Anonymous is a 12-step group that offers support and assistance to those who are trying to put prescription drug addiction in their past. Whether your drug of choice is a stimulant, sedative or painkiller, the group recognizes the pull of prescription medication and the danger of continuing to live with an untreated addiction.

Would you like to learn more about 12-step groups and how they can enhance your recovery from prescription drug addiction? Contact us today and speak to a counselor who can answer your questions.

What Does Pills Anonymous Offer?

Pills Anonymous is based on the 12 steps and traditions designed for Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and provides regular meetings to support those whose primary drug of addiction is a prescription medication.

The 12-Steps Guide to Staying Clean and Sober

According to those who take part in 12-steps groups like Pills Anonymous, there are certain steps to staying clean. They include:

  • Meetings and fellowship:  When you attend the group meetings for Pills Anonymous, you surround yourself with people who understand what you’re going through and are supportive of what you’re trying to do.
  • Sponsorship:  Choosing a sponsor to help you as you go through the steps and the process of building a foundation in sobriety can be a huge help in staying on track.
  • Working the steps:  Each of the 12 steps helps you to look at different aspects of your life, and can help you to determine why you turn to addiction – and what you need to fix to help you avoid relapse.
  • Service and commitments:  When you serve others through volunteer work and make commitments to be at certain meetings or to contribute at a specific time, you increase the chances that you will remain sober.

One Day at a Time? I Want It RIGHT NOW

Congratulations on getting clean and sober! It’s common for people in early recovery to be very excited about their new clearheaded mental state. They feel extremely powerful and ready to take on anything. Unfortunately, this “high” brought on by a sober lifestyle is often followed by a crash as real life sets in. It can be difficult to navigate the drudgery of bills, work, commitments at home and boredom, and still maintain your original excitement for recovery. It’s often recommended, therefore, that people who are new to Pills Anonymous attend 90 meetings in 90 days in order to stay focused as they seek balance in their life without drugs.

Do I Have to Believe in God to Take Part in Pills Anonymous?

Prayer and meditation play a large part in Pills Anonymous meetings and the 12 steps, but how you define spirituality is personal and entirely up to you.

Augmenting Recovery With Pills Anonymous

Pills Anonymous and other 12-step groups don’t pretend to be a replacement for the comprehensive medical and psychological care that one receives in a dedicated drug rehab facility staffed by professionals who are specialists in the field of addiction treatment. Rather, taking part in these meetings is a great way to increase the efficacy of the progress you make in treatment and help you to remain actively engaged with your recovery after you return home.

Would you like to learn more about Pills Anonymous or other 12-step support groups? Our phone number listed above is available to you day or night. Call now to find a treatment program that can provide you with all the services you need to treat your dependence upon prescription drugs.

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