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Heroin Anonymous

Heroin Anonymous

Based upon the same principles and traditions found in Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs, those who take part in Heroin Anonymous (HA) meetings often find the support they need to avoid relapse and stay clean for the long term.

Heroin addicts who are ready to stop abusing heroin and start living a life without drugs of any kind often turn to 12-step programs like Heroin Anonymous (HA).

If you’re at the very beginning of your journey to recovery and are physically dependent on heroin that you seek medical help. Detox that addresses withdrawal symptoms can save your life, helping you to safely stop using heroin and putting you in a better position for a positive start in addiction treatment and 12-step meetings. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about your options in heroin rehab.

Heroin Anonymous Quick Facts

  • Heroin Anonymous is focused solely on helping heroin addicts stop using all drugs and alcohol and avoid relapse.
  • The only requirement to be a member of HA is the desire to stop suffering due to heroin addiction. There are no dues, fees, attendance, or performance requirements.
  • Heroin Anonymous is a nonprofit group and not affiliated with any religious sect, political party, business, or cause of any kind.
  • HA is not heroin addiction treatment. No assistance with detox or psychotherapy is provided. Those who participate in HA have already gone through heroin rehab and are not using heroin.

Benefits of Heroin Anonymous

  • Active engagement with your recovery as you work the steps, attend meetings, sponsor others, and volunteer your services
  • A social support system to turn to when you feel tempted to relapse
  • Regular meetings to attend that provide structure to your recovery
  • An opportunity to vent and share stressful issues before they push you to relapse
  • The chance to work one on one with your sponsor or sponsees in the healing process

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Heroin Abuse

Many who use heroin rationalize that they are hurting no one but themselves or that they don’t have an addiction because they can quit anytime. How do you answer the following questions?

  • Do you feel angry, resentful, hopeless, depressed or fearful about your heroin use?
  • Do you use the heroin you have until you run out?
  • Do you have health problems (e.g., infections at injection sites, trouble breathing if you smoke the drug, sinus problems if you snort it, etc.) due to your heroin abuse?
  • Do you use needles to inject heroin? Have you contracted hepatitis C or HIV as a result?

If you have tried to stop using heroin but been unsuccessful or if you need help dealing with the withdrawal symptoms associated with detox from the drug, heroin rehab followed by Heroin Anonymous meetings can help.

Singleness of Purpose

Heroin Anonymous focuses specifically on helping addicts who are addicted to heroin only. It is requested that only those who have a problem with heroin specifically take part in meetings. The idea behind this is that, with singleness of purpose, they maintain dedication to the goal of helping heroin addicts, which makes them more effective.

Do You Need More Heroin Rehab Info?

If you are using heroin regularly, Heroin Anonymous will not be able to help you get clean. You’ll need to detox from the drug in a medical setting to ensure your health and safety during the process. Your first step is to enroll in a heroin addiction treatment program that provides medical and psychotherapeutic treatment. Call now to be matched with the right program for your needs.

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