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Finding the Best Private Subutex Addiction Treatment Center

You might have been prescribed Subutex to treat a dependency on some narcotic. Also known as buprenorphine, the goal of taking Subutex is to prevent the withdrawal symptoms that come when you stop taking some other drug. It works in such a way to stimulate the opiate receptors in the brain. However, Subutex, like other opiates, does have the ability to be habit-forming. Addicts of another drug may now find themselves addicted to Subutex, the very drug they took to get off of the other drug.

In order to deal with an addiction to Subutex, you are most likely going to need treatment.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, between 2004 and 2008, prescription drug abuse increased by 11.2 percent and in 2008 approximately 5.9 percent of the 1.8 million people who entered rehab did so for an opiate addiction. A significant number of these people were likely given supplemental medications to help them treat their opiate addiction, but failed to recognize that these supplemental medications could also potentially cause addiction.

Why Is Subutex Addictive?

Subutex is an opioid analgesic that is used in long-term pain management, and to treat a narcotics addiction. It acts directly on the opioid receptors in the central nervous system to inhibit the action of other narcotics like morphine or heroin. Because Subutrex interrupts the chemistry of the brain, it creates a dependence that eventually causes addiction. This is called a physical addiction because the patient’s body requires the drug to function. Physical addictions can be severe and cause painful withdrawal symptoms in some individuals.
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Subutex Versus Methadone

Subutex and methadone are both pharmaceuticals that are used in long-term opiate addiction treatment and detox. Subutex has a higher efficacy than a low dose of methadone and a similar efficacy to a high dose of methadone. Efficacy defines a drug’s ability to produce the desired therapeutic effect.  Methadone is also strictly regulated throughout the United States, while Subutex is not to the same extent.
Subutex patients can be given take-home dosages and return after 30 days for evaluation, while methadone patients may be required to have daily visits with a medical professional. This also increases the potential for addiction in Subutex patients versus methadone patients because they are not strictly monitored during use.

Warning Signs of Abuse to Look Out for in Loved Ones

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If you suspect your loved one is struggling with Subutex abuse, there are a few signs and symptoms to be wary of.

Increased tolerance+

Tolerance is often the first sign of a drug dependency and addiction. Patients who complain of pain or withdrawal symptoms while using the recommended dosage may have developed a tolerance to the drug and require more of the same medication to achieve the same effects.

Lying about symptoms+

Patience using Subutex who have developed an addiction may lie about their symptoms so they can get a new prescription or a prescription for an increased dose. In the case of Subutex used for addiction management, this could be done during detox or at any point during the 30-day detox period.

Preoccupation with obtaining the drug+

Addicts will spend a lot of time and energy focused on obtaining Subutex. They will travel to hospitals or medical centers far away from home to obtain their prescription from doctors who are unfamiliar with their case.

Erratic behavior+

The addict may become irritable or quick to anger when questioned about their Subutex use or their symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms+

It is not uncommon for patients taking prescription drugs to be unaware of their addiction until they begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms usually occur when the prescription runs out without the patient being weaned off the drug gradually. Withdrawal symptoms are a hallmark of physical addiction because they suggest that the person’s body has learned to function in the presence of that drug and thus it is sent into shock when that drug is no longer present.

Warning Signs of Subutex Withdrawal

Subutex is used as a treatment for opiate addiction because it supplements the opiate in the brain, minimizing withdrawal symptoms. Subutex does not cause extreme highs and lows the way other opiates do and its withdrawal symptoms are less extreme than those associated with methadone use, another drug addiction treatment medication.

Most experts believe that the best way to minimize Subutex withdrawal symptoms and effectively detox is by slowly reducing the dosage of the medication and allowing the body to adjust. Withdrawal symptoms can range from nausea and vomiting to difficulty breathing and decreased blood pressure. Slowly decreasing the amount of Subutex in the body helps the patient learn to function biochemically with less and less amounts of the drug present.

Using Subutex to detox is something a patient might do in a medical detox. Quitting Subutex “cold turkey” is how patients can handle detox naturally; however, it’s important to do this in a medical setting. However, detox can be a painful and frustrating process, and this could potentially put patients at risk, particularly those with an underlying medical condition.

Withdrawal symptoms include the following:

Detoxification Programs

Subutex addiction is first tackled through detoxification programs. There are a number of Subutex detoxification programs out there that boast high success rates for helping patients rid their bodies of Subutex.

Part of the detoxification process involves dealing with withdrawal symptoms. Detox programs exist so medical professionals can help you with those painful withdrawal symptoms. Many detoxification programs for Subutex involve treating the withdrawal symptoms through medical and holistic means.

Residential Inpatient Subutex Addiction Treatment

Many Subutex treatment programs will focus in on other aspects of your addiction, and this can be achieved in residential inpatient Subutex treatment facilities. These centers are characterized by their live-in environments. The goal is to keep the addict in a safe, peaceful and calming environment while they deal with their addiction. Many addicts see the benefits of this kind of treatment mainly in terms of the privacy it lends. You are away from prying eyes as you battle your addiction. Some of the other benefits of residential inpatient Subutex addiction treatment centers include:

  • Interaction with other addicts who can provide peer support
  • Development and enhancement of interpersonal skills
  • Tools to help with relapse prevention
  • Outlets to live a drug-free life and take better care of yourself
The residential Subutex addiction treatment centers will also offer the addict therapeutic activities that can help them tackle the emotional side to addiction. This can come in the forms of individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling and 12-step meetings.

Residential Subutex treatment programs are also often characterized by the holistic services and recreational activities they supply. At these centers, you can find new ways to live without drugs through activities like acupuncture, massage and personal training.

Outpatient Versus Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient Subutex addiction programs require that the individual lives at the facility for the duration of their treatment. Some inpatient programs offer specialized treatment options that cater to a specific type of individual. Inpatient programs are more expensive than outpatient facilities as patients must cover the cost of food and living accommodations. Inpatient treatment offers constant support and monitoring from peers, counselors and medical professionals. It is ideally suited for someone with a strong, physical addiction or for someone without a strong support system at home.

Specialized Rehab Options

Specialized treatment programs are designed to treat a special type of Subutex addict. Some programs are specific to women or teens, helping these two groups of people enter into a safe, supportive program with peers who understand their struggles with Subutex.  Luxury treatment facilities offer amenities that can help make treatment as enjoyable as possible. Holistic centers treat the patient as a whole, with the use of Eastern medicinal practices to manage withdrawal and the recovery process.

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