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Researching the Top Exclusive Suboxone Addiction Treatment Facility

Although methadone is the oldest form of medication for opioid addiction, it is certainly not the only one in use. Naltrexone and suboxone are also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help with addiction to opioids.

What Is Suboxone?

suboxone addictionSuboxone is a narcotic used to treat opioid addiction. Opioid addiction is very hard to overcome, which is why medical treatment is helpful to many recovering addicts. Addiction is a chronic disease and using suboxone can reduce drug cravings and prevent relapses from occurring. Suboxone has two main ingredients – buprenorphine and naloxone – that work together to prevent opioids from entering the brain and affecting chemistry and function.

According to Psych Central, suboxone was approved by the FDA in 2002. It is becoming the more common choice for those with opioid addictions because it has many advantages over the other two drugs. It decreases drug cravings and relieves discomfort associated with withdrawal symptoms. It blocks opioid effects for up to 24 hours. Unlike methadone, suboxone does not cause euphoria, making it much less addictive. In addition, suboxone does not need to be used in a specialized clinic. It can be taken at home. The success rate for suboxone is reportedly as high as 60 percent.

Using Suboxone for Addiction Help

A person cannot get high from suboxone, which is a major advantage of the drug. One of the problems with methadone use is that many patients become addicted to it in place of the drug they were originally addicted to. Although overdosing on suboxone can be dangerous, it is not a full opioid and therefore results in less suppression of breathing.

Despite what many opponents of the drug may think, taking suboxone to help with opioid addiction is not the same as substituting one drug addiction for another. Because drugs often severely affect brain function, it can be hard to recovering addicts to stay sober just by behavioral therapies and counseling alone. When combined with medications such as suboxone, addicts can regain a sense of normality without having to constantly battle drug addiction, cravings and withdrawal.

Suboxone is long-acting and therefore should be taken only once per day. Your doctor will advise you of the correct dosage to take. It is important to take suboxone as directed – no more, no less.  It is important to follow any other directions as well. For example, you may not be allowed to eat, drink or smoke for a half-hour before and after taking the drug. Suboxone is most commonly prescribed as a filmstrip to prevent abuse and trafficking.

Suboxone Side Effects

Like nearly all prescription drugs, suboxone use does carry the risk of certain side effects. Some are minor, while others require immediate medical care. According to Drugs.com, here are some symptoms to be aware of:

Researching Suboxone Treatment Programs

There are many treatment programs that help with opioid addiction by using medications in combination with behavioral therapies and counseling. Opioid addiction is a chronic brain disorder that cannot be changed overnight. Finding the best exclusive suboxone addiction treatment program can help a recovering addict stay drug-free in the long term. Need help finding the right one? Call us for help today. We can help you find treatment options in your area.

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