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Miley Cyrus has unfortunately acquired a reputation in the media for making questionable choices. Her latest single entitled “We Can’t Stop” has served to fuel the fire of gossip thanks to its repeated and blatant promotion of drug use. In fact, the whole album is characterized by lines that refer to drug abuse, and many […]

Legislators and residents in Florida have been in a battle to clear Florida’s reputation as a center for drug activity for quite some time. Recently implemented laws that address the prescription medication epidemic that ran wild in the state in the past decade have successfully begun to decrease the activities of “pill mills” and doctors […]

This Memorial Day weekend was an eventful one for a few US Customs and Border Protection patrol teams. The patrol teams intercepted two speedboats filled with cocaine, one located west of Ecuador and the other near the Panama-Colombian border. The approximate worth of the cocaine intercepted over the weekend is a whopping $500+ million. The […]

In Florida, like many states across the country, there is a central database that tracks the use of prescription medication, particularly medication that is addictive. Databases such as this one have a proven track record of curbing the practice of “doctor shopping,” which happens when a patient gets multiple doctors to give them prescriptions for […]

The current drug use situation in Major League Baseball (MLB) reflects the need for change in order to increase the purity of sport. The MLB is reportedly about to suspend at least 20 players for using performance-enhancing drugs. Although this isn’t a shocking turn of events given the recent historical struggle with baseball players and […]

New Jersey has seen its share of sorrows in recent years, and the statistics reported in 2012 reveal that a 12-percent rise in opiate addiction from 2010 and 2011 is one of them. The assistant state medical examiner, Roger Mitchell, reported 368 deaths in 2011, a significant increase from 287 deaths in 2010. Statistics that […]

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) has worked together with the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to create the Addiction Performance Project, created to educate physicians on the various types of addiction and simultaneously break down the stereotypes often associated with addiction. The Addiction Performance Project features a variety of stories concerning legitimate […]

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) received the largest civil penalty settlement in history this spring from the national pharmaceutical chain, Walgreens. Walgreens settled with the DEA for an agreed amount of $80 million dollars in response to penalties assessed for an enormous amount of record-keeping and drug-dispensing violations. The majority of these penalties arise from […]

Critics of Dr. Drew Pinsky (known to viewers as just Dr. Drew) say that rehabilitation should be a private matter and not one that is aired on radio or television. With the recent suicide of Mindy McCready, former country singer, Dr. Drew has found himself the subject of a sudden onslaught of outrage. Many say […]

A treatment called pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) has proven to be a significant assistance in protecting those individuals who use needles to inject drugs, also known as intravenous drug users, or IDUs. Addicts who utilize needles are at continual risk for a myriad of diseases, including HIV. A study conducted with 2,400 drug users in Bangkok, […]

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