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Trypanophobia – Fear of Needles

Trypanophobia – Fear of Needles

Few people look forward to getting their annual flu shot or relish the idea of giving blood. Needles hurt and even if the end result is positive (e.g., avoiding illness or donating blood), it’s still not a pleasant experience.

Those living with trypanophobia find any dealings with needles to be more than unpleasant – to them, it is panic inducing.

The good news is that trypanophobia and other phobias are highly treatable with the right mental health treatment services. Contact us today to find out which types of treatment will best help you conquer your fear of medical needles.

*Fear of Medical Needles

Those with trypanophobia aren’t scared of just any needles; they are only scared of needles used for medical procedures like getting injections or giving blood.

The Fear of Medical Procedures

Though trypanophobia is specific to needles, people living with the phobia often fear medical procedures for days and even weeks before they happen. While waiting to go to the doctor, you may have high blood pressure and experience panic attacks when thinking about the appointment. When you get to the doctor’s office, the opposite may happen: your heart rate may plummet, causing you to faint.

Living in constant dread of basic appointments and standard medical procedures that take less than a minute to complete is no way to live. If you are unable to get the medical care you need due to your phobia of needles, it’s time to get treatment.

*Don’t Miss Your Appointment!

One of the biggest dangers of avoiding treatment for trypanophobia is avoiding medical treatment in general. If you are fearful that a doctor or dentist may recommend a medication, vaccine or anesthesia by needle, you may wipe your calendar clean of all medical appointments – even if you’re unwell or in need of a regular checkup. This can mean the development serious medical ailments – ailments that can get worse without treatment.

Related Fears and Phobias

There are a few other specific phobias that are similar to trypanophobia and may be present in addition to your fear of needles. These include:

  • Algophobia. The fear of pain can include the fear of needles as well as other medical and non-medical events that can cause pain.
  • Hemophobia. The fear of blood – often an issue when needles are used – can be a co-occurring phobia alongside trypanophobia.
  • Rhadophobia. The fear of being beaten is a bit more distantly related to trypanophobia, but many who fear medical procedures also fear anything that makes them necessary.

Getting Treatment for Trypanophobia

It is estimated that about 10 percent of Americans struggle with this phobia, even though it wasn’t officially recognized by the American Psychological Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) until the 1994 edition. It’s an issue that few people seek treatment for, however. Most would rather avoid thinking about needles entirely and only deal with the phobia when medical treatment is required.

Taking that first step toward treatment is not easy, but you CAN do it. You never have to go faster than you’re ready or do anything that you don’t want to do. Take on your phobia at your own pace through personal therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, and other types of psychotherapeutic treatment, and slowly build up to being free from your needle phobia.

Getting the help you need to conquer your fear of needles starts with a phone call to us. Just dial the number listed above to speak to one of our counselors about treatment options and which one of them is right for you. Call now.

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