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Pteromerhanophobia, or the fear of flying, is estimated to affect up to a quarter of the population. Also known as aviophobia and aerophobia, pteromerhanophobia that is severe and characterized by panic symptoms that are physical and psychological is much more rare. If untreated, those who fear flying can develop an outright phobia and end up experiencing all the ill effects that are so disruptive to day-to-day life.

Are you ready to start the treatment process and fight your fear of flying? Your recovery can begin when you contact us at the phone number listed above. We can help you locate the right treatment center for your needs.

*Pteromerhanophobia Can Strike at Any Time

Panic can hit when you:

  • Think about flying
  • Watch a movie that simulates flying for the viewer
  • See a plane flying low overhead
  • Know you have to fly
  • Board an airplane

Helping Yourself Overcome Pteromerhanophobia

You may not have the ability to turn off the anxiety you feel but you can help yourself to mitigate the power of those symptoms. Here are a few tips:

  1. Lower your overall level of stress. If you are always living with a high level of stress, just the thought of flying will always put you over the top.
  2. Try simulators. Games, movies and simulator rides can make you feel as if you are flying while keeping your feet firmly on the ground. Practice with these to get used to the feeling.
  3. Bring a supportive friend. If you have to fly, bring a supportive friend or family member who understands how you feel and will be by your side to help you remain calm.

*Positive Statements and Visualization Helps

When you feel the anxiety rising, you can repeat positive affirmations to yourself and visualize yourself safely on the ground at your destination: “I will be fine” or “Flying is safe and easy.” Imagine yourself in a place where you feel most calm and happy until the symptoms subside.

Are You Afraid of Flying? Or Are You Pteromerhanophobic?

  • Do you experience sweating, increased heart rate and breathing, shaking, dizziness, and other physical symptoms when you think about flying or attempt to board a plane?
  • Do you have intense anxiety for days before flying?
  • Do you prefer to drive or take a train even if it means adding days to your trip?
  • Do you avoid certain trips if the only way to travel is by air?

If you go out of your way to avoid flying and even give up amazing trips and experiences because you refuse to board a plane, then you have a phobia that requires treatment.

Fight Your Fear of Flying

Whether you just get nervous before boarding a plane or experience a full-blown panic attack when you contemplate an airplane ride, you can find a mental health treatment program that will help you to be more comfortable with flight. For milder cases, psychotherapy that addresses the perceptions and behaviors that may be holding you back may be enough to help. For more intense cases, this type of therapy in addition to hypnosis, exposure therapy, and possibly medication may be necessary for you to see a change in your symptoms.

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