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Find a Top Private Cynophobia Treatment Program

Find a Top Private Cynophobia Treatment Program

The fear of dogs – or cynophobia – is a specific phobia and one that is exceedingly common. It’s a phobia that can be extremely disruptive because dogs are so often encountered throughout the course of the day. Those who struggle with cynophobia can live in constant fear that they will come across a dog unexpectedly and limit themselves and their lives as a result.

Is cynophobia a problem for you? Is it stopping someone you love from living life to the fullest? If so, we can help you find the top private cynophobia treatment program necessary to get control of your problem and move forward. Contact us now to get started.

*Causes of Cynophobia

Most people who are fearful of dogs developed the issue because of a traumatizing or frightening experience with a dog during childhood. Learning how to overcome the phobia often starts with processing that experience during therapy.

Signs of Cynophobia

A fear of dogs can be triggered by seeing a dog or by just thinking about dogs. Your response is usually both physical and psychological in nature. Some signs include:

  • Panic attack at the thought of a dog
  • Freezing when seeing a dog, even from a distance
  • Avoiding friends and family members with dogs
  • Avoiding places where dogs will be (e.g., the park or the beach)

*Anticipatory Fear

A fear of dogs doesn’t just pop up when you are face to face with a canine. You may experience what is known as anticipatory fear – fear prior to a known confrontation with a dog – for days before the event.

Complications Caused by Cynophobia

Having a fear of dogs can put you in the position of cutting yourself off more and more from potentially running into a dog and its owner. You may stop going camping, hiking or to the beach since dogs may be there, or you ay avoid the homes of family and friends who have dogs. Even walking down the street, you can encounter a neighborhood dog. It’s a highly stressful phobia, and as a result, it is common for patients with the disorder to also be diagnosed with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Social phobias
  • Agoraphobia

Treatment for Cynophobia

Most people manage to get away without getting treatment for their phobias because they create ways to avoid ever being confronted with their fear. That’s not an easy thing to do when you’re afraid of dogs. Getting treatment is often the only way to have a normal life despite your gripping fear of being confronted by a canine.

Cynophobia is very treatable and those who dedicate themselves to treatment will make progress in their fear of dogs. Some benefits of treatment include:

  • Coping skills to deal with an unexpected confrontation with a dog
  • Learning how to lower stress in general
  • Exposure therapy that increases your tolerance to seeing or being near a dog
  • Therapy that addresses the frightening childhood experience that may have informed your cynophobia

Your first big step in recovery is contacting us at the phone number listed above. One of our counselors will be able to answer your questions about which types of treatment will be most effective in helping you to get control of your fear of dogs. Call now to get started.

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