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Find a Top Private Astraphobia Treatment Program

Find a Top Private Astraphobia Treatment Program

The fear of thunder and lightning is common in childhood but when the fear persists into adulthood and causes serious psychological and physical symptoms like panic attacks, the issue becomes a disorder: astraphobia.

Is the fear of thunder and lightning driving you to distraction? Is it causing a problem in your life? If you’re ready to take control of the symptoms that strike when storms hit, contact us at the phone number listed above today for more information on how we can help.

*When Does a Fear of Thunder and Lightning Turn Into an Astraphobia Diagnosis?

Most children will be scared of storms, thunder, lightning, loud noises – a number of things. It’s a natural and healthy part of development that allows them to create boundaries that keep them safe. However, when the fear is specific to thunder and lightning, characterized by panic attacks and severe symptoms, and lasts for more than six months, it can be termed astraphobia.

Signs of Astraphobia

Feeling uncomfortable during a thunderstorm is not enough to signify the need for a diagnosis of astraphobia. Some symptoms of this specific phobia include:

  • Panic attacks, that may include sweating, shaking, nausea and crying, before or during a storm
  • Worse physical and psychological symptoms when you are alone during a storm
  • Hiding under the bed, in a closet, in an enclosed room or somewhere that you perceive as safe during a storm
  • Obsession with weather forecasts to know when and where the next storm is coming

*Obsession With the Weather

For some living with astraphobia, an obsession with weather forecasts is a big part of life. Tracking storms and taking extreme measures to avoid them may be an issue. Some will plan where they will go based on the possibility that a storm will develop while they are out. In the worst cases, fear of thunder and lightning can develop into agoraphobia, defined by never leaving the house.

When to Seek Treatment for Astraphobia

Though children may experience an extreme fear of thunder and lightning, it is not necessary to seek help for them unless the problem has persisted for more than six months and their symptoms are intense and overwhelming, lasting before and after the storm.

For adults, it’s far easier to recognize when astraphobia has developed into a problem that requires mental health treatment. The signs and symptoms are overwhelming, extremely disruptive to daily life, and inhibit you from living life to its fullest. Nothing should stop you from taking trips, getting to work, and living happily in your home – whether or not there is thunder and lightning outside.

Getting the Specific Phobia Treatment You Need

Astraphobia is highly treatable, but in order to be effective, you need a top private mental health treatment center that is equipped to provide you with everything you need to heal. Some components of treatment may include:

  • Medication. If your astraphobia symptoms are causing you to experience high anxiety or depression, certain medications may help.
  • Therapy. If you experienced a trauma during childhood that sparked your fear of thunder and lightning, you will need to address it during psychotherapy.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy. Learning new ways to perceive the world around you and identifying behaviors that harm you can help you to regain control of your reactions to thunder and lightning.

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