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Histrionic Personality Disorders

If your loved one seems to fly off the handle over the littlest things, and has a skewed self-image and a need to be in the spotlight that drives them to act inappropriately in social situations, then histrionic personality disorder may be the cause. When your loved one’s self-esteem depends upon the opinions of others and unstable emotions seem to be the norm, it may be time to help them seek treatment in order to find stability in their lives.

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Quick Facts

  • Histrionic means “dramatic or theatrical.”
  • Histrionic personality disorder is more common in women than men.
  • Signs of the disorder are usually in evidence by early adulthood.
  • Histrionic disorder can negatively affect a person’s romantic relationships.
  • Patients diagnosed with histrionic disorder are at high risk of developing depression.

Signs of Histrionic Personality Disorder

Those who suffer from histrionic personality disorder often have no problem in social situations. The problem comes in when they use their social skills to manipulate others to make sure that they stay in the spotlight. According to the US National Library of Medicine, other signs of the disorder include:

  • Signs of discomfort when she is not the center of attention
  • Abrupt and rapid shifts in emotion
  • Dressing inappropriately in order to garner more attention
  • Being gullible to those who portray themselves as experts
  • Being overly sensitive to criticism – even finding criticism in innocuous remarks
  • Constantly seeking the approval of others
  • Rash or impetuous decision-making without thinking through the consequences
  • Easily bored by projects, often dropping one thing to start another
  • Alluding to mysterious yet serious physical ailments or threatening suicide in order to get attention
  • Difficulty maintaining relationships because they often come off as shallow or use the other party
  • Self-centered, or making decisions that serve them but describing those decisions as being in the service of others

What Are the Causes?

There is no one cause for histrionic personality disorder, but most researchers believe it is a combination of a genetic predisposition to express histrionic behaviors as well as learning the behaviors by watching parents exhibit those behaviors. Another issue may be unpredictable positive reinforcement from parents that does not properly signify what behaviors are socially appropriate.

Get the Best Treatment Possible

Treatment is hard to get for someone with histrionic personality disorder – not due to a lack of care at the best private mental health treatment center but due to the inability of the patient to recognize that she has a problem or to maintain a treatment schedule for the long term, according to Medline Plus. However, after a period of serious depression or the failing of another romantic relationship, it can be a good time to point out to your loved one that she needs medical and psychotherapeutic treatment that will help her to effectively address the issues she’s experiencing.

If you’re ready to help your loved one find help for histrionic personality disorder or you believe that you may be suffering from the problem, contact us today to speak to a counselor about your options in mental health treatment.



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