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Finding the Best Exclusive OxyContin Addiction Treatment Center

Do I Need Treatment for OxyContin Addiction?

If you’re compulsively using Oxy despite noticing the harm it is doing to your health, your relationships, your financial standing, or other areas of your life, you may need professional help to stop. Doing some research will help you find the best OxyContin rehab.

You find yourself facing something you never thought you’d have to worry about: You or someone you love – a spouse, a child, or a parent – is fighting OxyContin addiction. Where do you begin to find the information you need? How do you know what to do, or when to do it?  It’s easy to become overwhelmed in this kind of a situation. The more you understand about addiction, however, the more power you will have to help yourself and your family.

Everyone Is Different: No Single Solution Works for Everyone

You may find yourself inundated with stories from friends or family members about how someone they knew knocked out their addiction with a well-placed proverbial punch. You may hear other stories about how, no matter how hard someone tried, they simply could not win against addiction. Still others might tell you that only inpatient programs work or only outpatient programs work. The truth is that each person is unique and there is no magic pill or treatment that will cure addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction is a recurring, chronic disease of the brain that must be treated as the needs of the patient determine.

When You Are Ready to Get Help, Act Immediately

Studies by the Department of Health in London, England have shown that individuals who spend excessive time on waiting lists for treatment can increase their drug usage while waiting for treatment. Another indication of the study suggests that when drug users discuss getting treatment, a myth of long, often insurmountable waiting lists can prevent some individuals from seeking help at all.

If you are ready to take that step to getting the professional help you need, don’t hesitate. Instead, contact your doctor, a friend or our helpline to get started immediately and take steps toward getting well. Call us at once and we can help you find the best exclusive Oxycontin addiction treatment facility.

Types of OxyContin Treatment

Whether it concerns drug addiction treatment for OxyContin or other types of drugs, there are several treatment methods to choose from. Which type of facility you choose and which program will work best for you are personal decisions. Here are a few types that are available and what each method might bring to you:

  • Inpatient residential treatment programs: These types of program require that you to stay in a home-like setting for a period of weeks or months while you take part in various therapies, such as group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy or individual talk therapy.
  • Outpatient treatment programs: These programs offer intensive services including group and individual therapy while allowing you to continue working or meeting family responsibilities.
  • Holistic treatment programs: Combining evidence-based therapies with complementary therapies such as yoga, meditation, massage and aromatherapy, these programs focus on meeting the needs of the whole person, instead of treating only the disease and the associated symptoms.
  • Age-specific or gender-specific therapies: Some treatment centers specialize in adolescent OxyContin addiction, while others only treat adults. Other programs may be limited to only women, only men, or women with children, for instance.

Dedicate Yourself to Your Recovery – It Is Not Going to Happen Overnight

The more time you spend in treatment, the more successful your treatment is going to be, according to NIDA. They have established a timeframe for treatment of approximately three months of intense treatment, either inpatient or outpatient, depending upon the needs of the individual. If you commit to remaining in treatment for a longer period of time, you are more likely to see even greater success. Other studies through the NIDA have shown that participation in self-help groups, like Narcotics Anonymous, can reduce the likelihood of relapse as well.

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