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Finding the Best Exclusive Opiate Rehab Center

The key to effective opiate addiction rehab is discovering the cause of the opiate addiction.

The media mistakenly labels addiction as a disease, blaming addictive behaviors on genetics. But this can leave you feeling helplessly out of control of your actions and future. Thankfully, there are many psychiatrists and professionals who are well-trained at uncovering what fuels addiction. If you are trying to determine whether you are suffering from opiate addiction, learn about the signs and symptoms.

What to Expect at an Opiate Addiction Rehab Program

These days, many of the top opiate addiction rehab programs in the country offer a host of approaches to increase your chances at lasting recovery. From meditation and massage, to hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, possessing the proper tools is the surest way to undo your addiction’s terrible power. Some of the finest opiate rehab centers even offer gorgeous campuses and outstanding food to make your transition to sobriety as gentle and humane as possible.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Involving an Opiate Addiction

Enrolling in an opiate treatment center that offers dual diagnosis treatment is the surest way to protect yourself from the negative side effects that accompany opiate detoxification and recovery. Dual diagnostics refers to the ability of mental health professionals to spot alternate sources of distress that may hamper your recovery, such as depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and more. Separating such common issues as these and treating each on its own allows you a smoother recovery.

Opiate addiction can be a terrible force, so it is essential to work with people who can understand the condition and treat it appropriately. Many of the top programs in the nation provide beautiful surroundings as well as effective recovery; be sure to do some homework to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want and need.

Opiate Addiction Side Effects

Opiate addiction can occur with regular use of a number of legitimate prescription drugs (e.g., OxyContin, Percocet, Percodan, Lortab, etc.) and it can happen with the abuse of street drugs as well (e.g., heroin). Over time, your body develops a tolerance for opiates and if, at the same time, you develop a psychological dependence upon the substances, you can end up with an opiate addiction that requires treatment.

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The Connection Between Heroin and Prescription Drug Dependences

Rates of heroin addiction began to decline in the mid-1990s, and around the year 2000, prescription drug addiction began to increase. In the mid-2000s, the rates of prescription drug addiction suddenly took off like a shot, often doubling and tripling in certain regions within a few short years.

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In the past few years, prescription drug abuse and addiction trends have continued to climb but rates of heroin addiction have been rising again as well. Why? Many believe that it is directly connected to prescription painkiller addiction; patients become dependent upon their prescription but are unable to afford their pills for the long term. They turn to heroin because it provides a similar high, is cheaper, and readily available on the street.

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