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Do you chew tobacco? Have you tried to stop over and over but to no avail? If so, you’re not alone. According to the 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about 3.5 percent of all adults or about 7 percent of men in the United States use smokeless tobacco products.

The good news is that with a good support system, the right professional care, and a good amount of readiness on your part, you can take that crucial first step toward a life without chewing tobacco. Call now to get started.

The Number One Reason to Quit Chewing Tobacco

You! Your dreams, your goals, your day-to-day quality of life, your experience with your spouse, your ability to enjoy yourself, the perception that others have of you – all of this goes down the tubes when you chew tobacco. An unhealthy habit, chewing tobacco can send you to an early grave and decrease your quality of life before your death with long-term and chronic illnesses. Few spouses are on board with the habit – it can mean a lot of fights or a lot of lying to continue to chew without getting caught. Plus, the money you save on soda bottles that you dump out so you have somewhere to spit and the chew itself can really add up.

Would you like to go on vacation, get out of debt faster, or buy a new boat?  You can get closer to realizing your dreams when you put down one nasty habit that makes you look – and smell – bad.

*Health Problems: Another Reason to Quit Chewing Tobacco

Loose leaf, plug, twist or roll – no matter what kind is your favorite, chewing tobacco is not a safe way to get the nicotine you crave. Health problems run rampant among those who chew tobacco. Some common issues include:

  • Cancer. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), smokeless tobacco contains 28 known cancer-causing agents.
  • Fertility. Reduced sperm count is common among men who chew tobacco as are abnormal sperm cells. Women who chew tobacco while pregnant increase their risk for preeclampsia, low birth weight, and premature birth.
  • Addiction. Dependence upon nicotine can be difficult to break.
  • Oral health. Gum disease, leukoplakia, tooth decay, recession of the gums – a number of problems can develop when you chew tobacco.

*How to Quit Chewing Tobacco

Ready to put down the chew for good? Here’s how you do it, step by step:

  • Make a promise to yourself. How badly do you want this? Dedicate yourself to the process and get ready to see some change.
  • Make a list of why you want to quit. These reasons may be some of the ones listed above or a host of personal reasons that are specific to your experience with tobacco. Did you fall asleep and ruin your favorite shirt with chew spit? Did you inadvertently drink from your spit cup or swallow some chew? Make a list of all the reasons why you never want to chew tobacco again.
  • Tell family and friends your intention to quit. The more people who know your plans, the more likely you are to remain accountable and stick to the goal.
  • Identify a support system. The more people you have who are going through what you’re going through and can give you advice or support, the better off you’ll be.
  • Contact us today. We can help you find therapeutic assistance and learn the best ways to stop chewing tobacco today. Call now.

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