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Choosing the Best Exclusive Methadone Treatment Help

What is methadone and how is it used in drug rehabs? Methadone is an opiate, much like heroin, morphine and prescription drugs. However, when used as directed, it is much safer than those drugs. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, methadone is commonly used during heroin withdrawal and treatment and has been for the past 40 years.

Methadone and Rehab

Methadone, however, is not allowed to be brought into alcohol and drug rehabs by the patient. Despite its ability to keep users off heroin, it is a very potent and addictive drug that can cause serious effects, including death, when not administered properly. In fact, the number of deaths caused by methadone overdoses has been quickly climbing since 1999. In that year, 786 people died from methadone overdoses. By 2005, that number had increased by more than 450 percent, with 4,462 people dying of methadone overdoses that year.

If you are being treated for heroin addiction, the best exclusive methadone treatment facility has professional medical staff to accurately determine what dosage of methadone you will need, if any. The doctor will prescribe the right dosage based on your level of addiction, your age, your weight and your level of tolerance to the drug. Dosing is of extreme importance in the early stages of methadone maintenance. Using too little methadone will do little to curb one’s cravings for heroin. On the other hand, too much methadone can result in a deadly overdose. The typical dose at first is 20 to 30 mg. The first two weeks of methadone maintenance are critical for patients because the their bodies have not yet achieved a steady state.

Although methadone has helped many heroin addicts live normal lives, some drug rehabs do not use it because of the controversy over it. Many people are of the belief that using methadone to treat heroin addiction is simply replacing one drug addiction with another. This can be true for people who misuse it, but for the many people who use it responsibly, methadone may be a necessary form of treatment.

*Methadone Use During Pregnancy

There has been controversy over methadone use during pregnancy, as there have been concerns about harmful effects on the unborn baby. According to Medical Assisted Treatment, here are some facts about methadone use during pregnancy.

  • Methadone is not totally harmless.
  • It is much less harmful than a pregnant woman continuing to use heroin.
  • Methadone is the only approved drug to treat heroin addiction in pregnant women.
  • Methadone maintenance is considered vital for some pregnant women. In fact, federal regulations require that pregnant women get preferential treatment for opiate addiction.
  • Methadone exposure during pregnancy does not cause long-term effects in children.
  • Methadone withdrawal during pregnancy is not recommended, as it can cause harmful effects to the mother and fetus.

Get Treatment Help Today

Methadone is one of the most common ways to treat heroin addiction. It has helped many people get off heroin and avoid relapses. Many people live normal lives while taking methadone safely. If you have a heroin addiction or abuse other opiates, such as prescription drugs, get treatment right away at a qualified alcohol and drug rehab. Addiction can take control of someone’s life in so many ways. Don’t let that happen to you. Call us today for a free assessment. We can assess your drug use situation and refer you to many recovery options in your area, include methadone clinics and outpatient programs. Make that call today.