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Marijuana Rehab Facility and Stats

Marijuana Rehab Facility and Stats

Marijuana is sometimes known as a harmless drug, which is why there has been so much battle over the fight to legalize it. Many people have used marijuana for years without any serious side effects. Medical marijuana dispensaries have popped up in many places around the country. However benign the drug seems, it has the power to increase crime rates and decrease school performance in teens.

How Many People in the US Use Marijuana?

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, of those who use marijuana, 9 percent become addicted to it, compared to 15 percent who become addicted to cocaine and alcohol. Studies have shown that the earlier that one starts using marijuana, the more likely they are to become addicted.  Of those who start using marijuana at age 14 or 15, 17 percent become dependent within two years. Marijuana has the ability to severely impact the still-growing brain of adolescents, causing learning and memory problems that can decrease their school performance and affect their future goals, such as college or a career.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use & Health, nearly 2 percent of Americans ages 12 and older have some sort of marijuana dependence. Marijuana also accounts for 67 percent of treatment admissions for substance abuse in adolescents. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, most new marijuana users (67 percent) are under 18 years of age.  Of these teens, one out of every six will become dependent on marijuana. This is because adolescence is a critical time for brain development, and the adolescent brain seeks pleasure but does not always determine the consequences of obtaining such pleasure. Because brain development is not fully complete during adolescence, children and teens are prone to addiction. In fact, children who try marijuana are nearly 10 times more likely to become dependent on it than adults.

According to the report from the University of Colorado at Denver entitled Understand the Big Deal: How Marijuana Harms Youth, there are three main factors that contribute to increases in drug use:

  • Availability:  The more available a drug is, the more likely someone is to use it.
  • Perceived harmfulness: More people will use a drug if it is not considered harmful.
  • Social acceptance:  Peer pressure is a part of this. If someone’s friends are using the drug, it is likely that person will use the drug too, to fit in.

According to a Monitoring the Future study, 21.4 percent of students in 8th, 10th and 12th grades had used marijuana in the past month. This number jumped to 25 percent in 2011.

*Effects of Marijuana on the Brain

If someone uses marijuana and then quits, the effects of the drug on the brain can stay with the person for days or even weeks later. According to Understand the Big Deal: How Marijuana Harms Youth, here are some aspects of the brain that are often affected:

  • IQ
  • Visuospatial memory
  • Verbal memory
  • Motivation
  • Decision-making

Locating a Marijuana Rehab Facility

Despite its reputation for being a safe and harmless drug, marijuana use can lead to dependence and addiction. It can also cause many effects on the body and brain functioning, as well negative effects on one’s career and social life. If you are struggling with a marijuana addiction, get your life back on track today. Call us for help finding the best private rehab facility in your area. We can connect you to various resources so you can focus on recovery.

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