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Luxury Rehab Facilities

Luxury rehab facilities for addiction treatment are often the brunt of satirical articles in the media. An article in Forbes, for example, takes a teasing tone when discussing high-end rehabilitation facilities, suggesting that people who use them are “drying out in style.”

While catchy phrases like this might make for good headlines, they tend to trivialize the good work that can be done in luxury rehab facilities. Addiction is no laughing matter, and some people truly need specialized, targeted treatment provided in a luxurious surrounding in which they feel comfortable.

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Luxury rehabs also provide other benefits, including cutting-edge treatments and highly qualified, specialized staff to help people on the road to recovery. Luxury rehabilitation facilities might not be right for every person and every addiction, but some people find them both helpful and important.

Defining “Luxury Rehab”

“Luxury” is defined subjectively, meaning it can mean different things to different people. In general, luxury rehabilitation facilities for addiction tend to have several things in common, such as scenic locations, privacy, high-end amenities, more individualized treatments that focus on repairing the mind, body, and spirit, and the ability to provide more high-quality, specialized staff to meet the needs of patients.

Luxury facilities are usually located in beautiful, scenic, and private locations. They aren’t the sorts of clinics attached to hospitals or public facilities. Instead, they’re often located on lush grounds with sweeping views. The insides of the facilities are as beautiful as the outsides, with an emphasis on tasteful decorating and lovely, meditative spaces.

Luxury Rehab Services

Group participating in Yoga at luxury rehab facilityWhile the details can vary significantly from facility to facility, many luxury rehab centers provide services that their clients may already utilize when living at home, which can make the recovery process a little easier, more familiar, and more pleasant. These services may include:


These sorts of amenities are almost unheard of in lower-cost, public rehabilitation facilities. Clients there live in more sparse surroundings, often filling their days in group sessions or focusing on chores or other work-related tasks.

In contrast, while someone in a luxury rehab facility might spend the morning taking part in group therapy involving equine-assisted treatment (horse therapy) then a private counseling session, a person in a low-cost rehab facility might spend the morning working in the group kitchen before heading to a group meeting.

Why Luxury Rehab?

It is possible that the negative attitude directed towards luxury rehab facilities has its roots deep within the American psyche. In the 1940s and 1950s, people who were addicted to drugs and alcohol were considered weak and it was common to believe that they should be punished for their weakness by being forced into communities that made them uncomfortable.

For example, Jack Lemmon’s character in “The Days of Wine and Roses spent his time in rehabilitation in a padded cell with bars on the windows. This wasn’t an unheard-of treatment when the film was made in 1962. The idea that substance use is an issue involving willpower is still commonly encountered, despite evidence to the contrary.

Today researchers and medical professionals have become aware that addiction is a chronic and sometimes often-relapsing condition that doesn’t discriminate. Punitive approaches to treatment do no good in helping people heal from addiction. The emphasis has moved from punishing the person with an addiction to compassionately helping them manage it in the long term. Viewed from this perspective, luxury rehab programs serve a valid purpose and many of the amenities they provide have a legitimate basis in furthering addiction treatment.

Disadvantages of Luxury Rehab Facilities

The main drawback of a luxury facility is the cost. Some insurance plans offer no coverage for addiction rehabilitation, and others provide just basic coverage that wouldn’t put a dent in the final bill of a luxury rehabilitation program.

The length of time that an individual remains in a treatment program can be correlated to the success that individual is likely to see in managing their addiction. If people enter a luxury facility that they can’t afford and then cut their treatment program short as a result, they may not be providing themselves with any long-term benefit. Sticking with programs they can afford, then staying in these programs for a longer period of time, might be the best use of their time and money.

Choosing a Luxury Rehab Facility

Couple searching for luxury rehab facilitiesThere are hundreds of luxury rehabilitation facilities around the country, and choosing the right one can be difficult. In general, it’s best for families to remember to include the person who will undergo treatment in this decision. A study found that people with long-term mental health conditions (including substance use disorders) tended to do better in treatment if they were given choices about their treatment. In other words, providing people with options is better than forcing an option upon them. Families can help by narrowing the field to a few choices, and then letting the individual make the final decision.

The facility should provide treatments that are rooted firmly in scientific principles. The scenery will be beautiful, of course, but the therapies must also be effective in order for the treatment to be worth the cost. Families can ask for data to back up the treatments provided, or they can do a little research on their own as to what therapeutic techniques have been shown to be effective, or evidence-based.

For example, some luxury rehab facilities offer yoga and acupuncture as part of their treatment package. On the surface these might be dismissed as new-age treatments with little individual health impact, but they are backed by scientific principles. Studies have found that both yoga and meditation can help people in addiction treatment become centered and feel more in control of their lives.

Complementary and alternative treatments can also help individuals learn to successfully deal with stress, furthering addiction treatment goals. Acupuncture has been shown to be an effective method for helping an individual to ease the discomfort of withdrawal and reduce cravings to use. A facility that provides yoga or acupuncture does so because it is good for the person in treatment, not because yoga is considered a must-have for people within a certain income bracket.

Similarly, some luxury rehabilitation facilities offer a significant amount of meditation and spiritual exercises to their residents. People who identified as spiritual before entering treatment reported that spiritual principles in their rehabilitation programs were helpful in keeping them sober. This means that spiritual concepts can contribute to successful, evidence-based treatment approaches offered in an addiction recovery program.

Other Factors About Luxury Rehab

In addition to determining the luxury rehab facility’s stance on science, there are other considerations to explore in an interview, such as:

  • The length of treatment.
  • The total cost of treatment.
  • The program’s philosophy and accreditation.
  • The types of therapeutic treatments offered.
  • If family can visit at any point during treatment.
  • If the person in treatment can leave the grounds during treatment.
  • The length of time the facility has been in business.
  • The number of people who have successfully completed the program.


Too often people forego seeking out the best possible treatment because they believe the bill would be beyond their means. The truth is that many health insurance plans would cover some portion of the bill, and the remainder easily could be financed with payment plans defined to best suit an individual’s budget.

If you or someone you love is fighting drug or alcohol addiction, the best care possible is the primary goal. Call 1-888-744-0789 Who Answers? today to learn about addiction treatment options and to find a luxury rehab program that is right for you.

Luxury Rehab Amenities to Consider

What does a person need to successfully combat a physical and psychological dependence upon drugs or alcohol? The answer to that question will be different for every person who asks it. The main benefit of a luxury drug rehab program is often that the person is more likely to have access to specialized treatment tailored to their individual needs.

Some of the many amenities often included in luxury programs include:

  • Multiple individual therapy sessions a week rather than just one.
  • A wide range of alternative treatments and therapies to choose from.
  • Staff members who are highly trained specialists in addiction treatment.
  • Higher staff-to-patient ratio allowing for more individualized care.
  • Cutting-edge addiction treatment techniques.
  • Gourmet or organic foods to nourish the mind while helping to repair damage to the body from addiction.


Find the luxury rehab that’s based on a philosophy that feels comfortable for you and that offers programs and services that fit your needs and interests. Call 1-888-744-0789 Who Answers? today to be matched with a rehab program that can provide you with what you need to recover and heal.

Luxury Rehab: A Personal Decision

A person going into drug or alcohol treatment should be allowed to provide clear input on the program they choose to enter. This is a very personal decision and the person should be allowed to make it with the support and guidance of his or her doctor, family members, and other loved ones.

Through the course of the addiction, the person might have given up all control of their life to the disease. Many important life decisions were made by the addiction, not by the person. By allowing the individual to take small steps to regain control, his or her family is helping them learn to how to make good decisions again, which is an important part of recovery.

For more information about drug and alcohol addiction or treatment at a luxury rehab facility, call 1-888-744-0789 Who Answers? today to talk to a rehab placement specialist for help getting started on the road to recovery.


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