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Choosing the Best Private Inpatient Lortab Addiction Treatment Center


Lortab is a prescription pain medication, making it among the most highly abused class of drugs in the United State today. Hydrocodone is one of the ingredients of this drug, which makes it similar to a more widely known drug, Vicodin. Like other drugs in this category, Lortab is incredibly addictive. Addicts may struggle to overcome their drug use independently, but there are a number of treatment options available to overcome prescription drug addiction to Lortab.

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Facts About How Lortab Addicts Get Their Drugs

Obtaining drugs as an addict can be challenging when using a controlled substance like Lortab. There are a number of different ways that individuals who abuse this drug manage to fuel their addiction.

  • Doctor shopping. Individuals who abuse Lortab typically use more than the recommended dose. This means that simply using a legitimate prescription obtained from just one doctor can’t be relied upon. Instead, addicts will visit multiple doctors complaining of pain so they receive multiple prescriptions. Typically, they also have to visit more than one pharmacy.
  • Buying from others with legitimate prescriptions. These prescriptions are often purchased from those who require them legitimately, at a significant markup.
  • Buying Lortab off the street. There is a street drug trade for prescription drugs. Unlike buying from friends with prescriptions, there is danger obtaining drugs this way as they come from drug dealers.
  • Stealing medication. Some addicts try and steal from hospitals, pharmacies and individuals to fuel their addiction.

All of the above puts Lortab addicts’ safety at risk, and it also can put them at risk for criminal repercussions that will follow them throughout their lives.

Signs that Someone Is Abusing Lortab

With many addictions, it is the behavioral signs that are the most obviously detected. The following will be best noticed by those closest to an individual abusing Lortab:

  • Regular mood swings or an overall different demeanor that what is normal for them
  • Secrecy when taking their medications, such as always doing it in private to avoid anyone catching them
  • Visits to multiple doctors more frequently than should be necessary in order to obtain additional prescriptions
  • Inability to keep up with the day-to-day responsibilities
  • Spending all their money on drugs
  • Brushes with the law that they do not normally experience

In addition to the above behavioral signs, you may also be able to detect physical symptoms of Lortab abuse. These include side effects and withdrawal symptoms:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Muscle tremors
  • Confusion or dementia
  • Stomach cramps
  • Interrupted sleeping patterns, like an inability to sleep

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What to Do When You See the Signs and Symptoms of Lortab Addiction

When you suspect Lortab addiction in someone you know, you can help them change their lives by getting them the help they need.

An intervention may be necessary in order to get them into treatment. By staging an intervention with a professional, your loved one will not feel as judged. The interventionist can ensure that you play the right role in the process so you will not damage the relationship or risk them denying the opportunity to attend recovery.

During an intervention for Lortab addiction, you can expect to share with the addict how their drug use has affected you, and what you will do if they do not get help. You need to be prepared with consequences and make it clear that they will not have your support if they are still using. It may seem harsh but this will push them towards recovery.

Outpatient Lortab Addiction Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment for Lortab abuse allows individuals struggling with addiction to live at home. There is greater flexibility as patients attend counseling sessions with other addicts or receive counseling from an addiction therapist. The costs of outpatient treatment can vary, and also depend on whether or not detox with medication is needed. Many outpatient treatment programs that offer support like Narcotics Anonymous are free and cater to individuals who couldn’t otherwise afford treatment.

Outpatient treatment may not be suitable for all Lortab addicts. The physical addiction that forms with Lortab use can lead to dangerous repercussions in those who do not have around-the-clock care.

Lortab Addiction Treatment Detox

Lortab addiction treatment is the first step required to break a physical addiction. Depending on the type of rehab center selected, there are different methods used to help addicts get through detox with minimal withdrawal symptoms. Lortab addicts experience substantial withdrawal within the first 72 hours. Some of the symptoms are uncomfortable while others, like seizures, can be life-threatening. Medical care is available in detox for the protection of every addict.

Too often, people view drug addiction treatment as if it were optional. They put off getting help by saying that they don’t have the time or the money to make it happen right now or that they have too much to lose if they “disappear” into a treatment program.

The fact is, if you are living with an addiction to Lortab, you have too much to lose if you don’t enroll in the treatment you need. You could lose everything – including your life – if you choose instead to live with an untreated prescription drug dependence. Get the help you need when you call us today.

Lortab Addiction Treatment Is Medical Treatment for a Medical Disorder

When you abuse an addictive substance regularly for a period of time, your body begins to build a tolerance to the drug. That is, though you may have experienced certain feelings (e.g., pain relief or a high) when you take X amount of Lortab, you will soon need X+1 to experience the same result.

This tolerance is a big part of the physical dependence that defines addiction, and because it is physiological in nature, it makes Lortab addiction a medical disorder.

Similarly, the psychological dependence you experience when you crave a drug constantly and become dependent upon it just to feel “normal” is a brain response to the medication – another issue that requires medical treatment.

If you are living with an addiction and cannot stop taking Lortab on your own, then you require medical treatment to deal with the issue.

Choosing the Right Lortab Addiction Treatment Option

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard for addicts to know which is the right one for them. An addiction counselor can help with that decision by evaluating some of the specific components of each addict’s addiction. Each person is unique and will benefit differently from specific addiction treatment programs.

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