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Choosing the Top Exclusive Lorazepam Addiction Facility


Lorazepam is a medication that is most often prescribed as a sedative. It can effectively help treat anxiety issues in the short term as well as seizures. Individuals can get hooked on using Lorazepam as they desire the feelings of relaxation and euphoria rather than dealing with stress.

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Many Lorazepam addicts experience denial about their addiction as they obtain the drug from a doctor. It is important to recognize that there are different ways to become an addict and different ways that Lorazepam addiction is defined, including:

Physical and Medical Symptoms of Lorazepam Addiction

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There are a number of different, physical signs that addicts can experience when they have been abusing Lorazepam:

  • Individuals experience an overall sense of disorientation, and may be unsteady on their feet when they have been abusing this drug regularly
  • Memory issues are common, with individuals unable to recall events that have happened within either the short or long term
  • Abdominal pain and/or nausea
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Drowsiness
  • Blurred vision
In addition to the physical signs of addiction that can occur due to medication side effects, there are some mental signs. These primarily relate to the changes in cognitive impairment that occur as they can affect performance at work and school. It may also change the overall way that a person abusing the drug communicates.

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What Do You Do if You Suspect Lorazepam Addiction?

If you suspect Lorazepam addiction in someone you love, the first step is to stage an intervention. If you try and encourage them to get help, it just may not go as planned. They may feel judged by you, or you may inadvertently say the wrong thing.

A professional interventionist can ensure that the meeting to convince them to get help goes as smoothly as it can. They will tell you what you should share with the addict and they will even encourage you to provide an ultimatum that shows they will lose your support if they do not get the help they require.


The first step in getting a hold of your addiction to Lorazepam must be medical detoxification. Treatment centers will begin with detoxification so you can safely remove your physical addiction from the drug and go on to address the mental aspects of addiction.
Some treatment centers will incorporate the use of some medications to help with the withdrawal symptoms some patients go through. Detoxification must be a gradual process as the potential for relapse is always on the table with an addiction to Lorazepam.

Psychological Treatment+

After detoxification, many addicts might think they are ready to join the world again, drug-free. However, treatment centers for Lorazepam pair detoxification with intensive psychological treatment as this aspect must be addressed too. Addicts may experience underlying reasons while they are abusing Lorazepam as the drug often numbs them of emotion.
Group therapy sessions and sessions with a counsellor can help address the problems and prevent future relapse. With this kind of help, individuals have the coping tools needed to deal with stress in a more effective way rather than numbing their emotions with Lorazepam.

Lorazepam Addiction Potential

A benzodiazepine often prescribed for the treatment of severe anxiety, lorazepam has high potential to be abused and, therefore, a high potential to create an addiction in its users. It is for this reason that doctors recommend that the drug be prescribed for no more than four weeks.

How Lorazepam Addiction Starts

Lorazepam addiction can happen one of two ways: a prescription is given to a patient that includes a dosage or a dosing period that is far longer than necessary, or the patient abuses the drug with or without a legitimate prescription. Some methods of abuse include:

  • Taking more of the drug than prescribed
  • Mixing the pills with other illicit substances, including alcohol
  • Taking the drug more frequently than prescribed

Risks of Lorazepam Abuse and Addiction

Some say that increased anxiety and insomnia can occur as a result of lorazepam abuse, after using the drug for as few as seven days. This means that the drug is highly addictive and that after a relatively brief period of time, physical dependence – if not psychological dependence – can be an issue. What are the risks related to addiction?

  • Overdose. Benzodiazepines are one of the most common drugs of overdose after prescription painkillers.
  • Accident due to negligence under the influence. Any number of incidents of bodily harm can occur due to choices made while high.
  • Financial loss. Many people lose their jobs as a result of drug addiction and are unable to find another one as long as the addiction persists.
  • Loss of relationships. It’s difficult to maintain functional and healthy relationships with others when you are living with an active addiction.

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Addiction Treatment Options

The above components of addiction treatment are common in a variety of different treatment facilities. The options that can be chosen from include:

Inpatient Lorazepam addiction treatment: Inpatient treatment can be the better option for individuals with severe underlying psychological addictions. Dual diagnosis treatment is offered in this environment where the physical and emotional can be dealt with together. Intensive treatment can ensure that recovery without relapse is possible.

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