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Exhibitionism – Diagnosing and Treating a Problem

Exhibitionism that requires treatment is more than just the urge to be in the spotlight. True exhibitionism is the compulsive urge to expose oneself in public or to perform a sexual act where others can or may see.

*Men and Exhibitionism

Men are the most likely to deal with the compulsion to expose themselves. One study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, looked at exhibitionism in men and reported that:

  • 60 percent of participants were single.
  • 80 percent were heterosexual.
  • Exhibitionist tendencies began between the ages of 13 and 23.
  • All reported that they had the urge to expose themselves and felt like they had little to no control over those urges.
  • The most common expression of exhibitionism was while driving.
  • 92 percent had a co-occurring diagnosis like major depression, substance abuse, or other significant mental health disorder.
  • 40 percent also had a personality disorder.
  • 52 percent had suicidal thoughts.
  • 36 percent had been arrested for exhibitionism.

Single, straight, with a co-occurring mental health disorder and an inability to control the urge to expose himself – does that sound familiar? If so, there is a bright side: Treatment can help you get control of your compulsions.

Is Treatment for Exhibitionism the Path for You?

Many who live with the impulse to expose themselves often avoid getting treatment because they are embarrassed about admitting that exhibitionism is a problem for them. It feels like a Catch 22: Try (often unsuccessfully) to fight the urges alone and pretend the problem doesn’t exist or admit to everyone that exhibitionism is plaguing you and essentially out yourself – the one thing you have been fighting to avoid for years. If you are uncertain whether or not a top exclusive exhibitionism treatment is the right choice for you, consider the following:

  • Do you want to continue fighting the compulsion to expose yourself?
  • Do you want to continue to risk arrest?
  • Is the shame of living with exhibitionism more comfortable than the pride of getting help, even if it means admitting that you struggle with the problem?
  • How do you define who you are? Is exhibitionism a part of that definition or do you have something better in mind?

If you have a bright future in mind for yourself that doesn’t include exhibitionism, you can not only access the treatment you need, but you can also use it to change your life.

*Take the First Step Away From Exhibitionism

Arguably the hardest part of getting the help you need to beat a compulsion disorder like exhibitionism is picking up the phone and asking for assistance. If you can get yourself to call the number listed above and speak to a representative about your issues with exhibitionism, here’s what will happen next:

  • You’ll get the answers to your questions about what exhibitionism is and how it works.
  • You’ll learn about your options in treatment.
  • You’ll hear about specific centers that can provide you with the treatment you need.
  • You’ll have an expert to help you determine which choice is the best one for you, weighing the pros and cons as you decide.
  • You’ll receive assistance in the beginning stages of signing up for and finding funds to pay for the help you need.

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