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Helping a Drug Addict Find the Best Private Drug Rehab Center

It can be heartbreaking to find out that someone you love is addicted to drugs. Drug addiction is a serious disease that can cause physical, emotional, financial, legal and family issues. It can even cause death.

Many people don’t know how to react when a family member is on drugs, so they tend to ignore the situation in hopes that the problem will go away. If you continue to let it happen, you give the impression that it’s all right. In addition, drug addiction does not just go away on its own. As time goes by, the addiction will just get even worse.

How to Approach Your Loved One

Although it can be scary to confront someone about their drug use, you must remember that you are doing it because you love the person. You should sit down with them at a time when they are not high. It can be easy for your emotions to get out of control, but you want to remain calm. Yelling or threatening your loved one will just make them defensive.

You should calmly let them know that you are aware of their drug problem and you are willing to help them enroll in treatment. In some cases, they may agree that they have a problem and will willingly enter the best private drug treatment facility. However, many situations do not go that smoothly. Expect a lot of denial and defensiveness. Most of the time, drug addicts do not believe they have a problem. Your loved may tell you that they have no problem and that they can quit at any time.

If your loved one refuses to enter treatment, you may want to stage an intervention. You should gather family members and ask them to be prepared to speak about the ways their lives have been affected by the person’s drug use. You should also have a treatment program ready to go so the person can enroll in treatment right away should they be agreeable to it after the intervention. If the person is still in denial and does not want treatment, you should be prepared with consequences and follow through with them. Sometimes harsh consequences will cause someone to get help.

After they complete recovery, you should continue to support the person. Be available to spend time with them to get their mind off drugs. You should also be there to talk with them if they are having problems with cravings.

Drug Use Statistics

In 2009, the drug use rate for those aged 12 and older was 8.7 percent, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Marijuana usage was at 6.6 percent. Drugs were most prevalent in those ages 18 to 25, with a rate past-month use of 21.2 percent. Marijuana usage in that age range was at 18.2 percent.

Types of Programs for Drug Recovery

If someone you love is addicted to drugs, there are many recovery options available to them. Here are just some of the most popular ones:

  • Inpatient programs (also called residential programs)
  • 12-step meetings
  • Halfway houses
  • Holistic treatment
  • Alternative treatments (art therapy, equine-assisted therapy, etc.)

Researching a Drug Rehabilitation Center

There are many programs out there to help your loved one get the help they need. Inpatient programs offer concentrated treatment, while outpatient programs are good for those with ongoing responsibilities they can’t leave, such as a job or family. We can help your loved one get the help they need. Give us a call today and let us help you find recovery options for your loved one. You don’t have to do it alone.

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