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Inpatient Heroin Abuse Treatment

Inpatient Heroin Abuse Treatment

The effects of heroin abuse are innumerable, from fatal overdose to infectious diseases. As a heroin addict, you have the choice to reverse those negative effects of the drug and gain control of your addiction. Chronic users of heroin can undergo so many health problems including abscesses, collapsed veins and liver or kidney disease just to name a few. The gravity of a heroin addiction is enough for many users to seek inpatient heroin abuse treatment.

As the National Institute on Drug Abuse explains, residential treatment programs for addiction can often be the best and most effective solution for those with severe problems. Inpatient heroin abuse care can lend the addict the time and focus they need to overcome a serious and severe addiction. When you are battling intense physical withdrawals, heroin addiction can seem insurmountable. Rehab facilities and programs exist just for that purpose.


Inpatient Heroin Detoxification Treatment


Many inpatient heroin addiction treatment programs involve detoxification. The common goal of detoxification is to bring patients to a drug-free state by relieving those pesky withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification is often considered a stepping-stone in the process toward overcoming an addiction. It is, however, not a means to an end. The process is usually complemented with long-term treatment and/or medications. Detoxification and rehab normally come in the form of therapeutic community housing programs. Addicts may have to live in a set residence surrounded by experts for anywhere from three to six months depending on the severity of the addiction.


Pharmacological Inpatient Heroin Abuse Treatment


Just like detoxification, heroin inpatient abuse treatment often involves other forms of treatment that all join forces to achieve the common goal of ridding you of an addiction. Medications are just another facet of heroin abuse treatment, usually put into place to reduce cravings for the drug and decrease those withdrawal symptoms. One of the most common pharmacological heroin abuse treatments is methadone. Patients are generally monitored in treatment facilities while on methadone, especially those receiving treatment for other diseases, such as HIV, as a result of heroin addiction. Bad medication interactions need to be monitored by professionals in this case. Other treatment facilities for heroin addiction may implore naloxone and naltrexone to block the effects of heroin. As every abuser is different, the medication treatments can vary depending on the individual.


Residential Behavioral Treatment of Heroin


There is a fine balance when it comes to heroin addiction. Treatment facilities implore a little bit of pharmacological treatments, detoxification and lastly behavioral therapies to help with a heroin addiction. This mixing and matching of heroin abuse treatments creates the most effective approach.


Behavioral therapies, just like medication treatments, can be catered to the individual abuser. Some addicts find contingency management therapy helps with their addictions. These treatments involve a reward-like system where patients can acquire items in exchange for negative drug test results. Other residential behavioral treatments involve individual and group therapy sessions where cognitive behavioral interventions can be realized. These in-house therapy sessions allow you to walk through your thinking, expectancies and behaviors to get to the root of a heroin addiction. No matter the course of treatment, inpatient heroin abuse treatment can be the key to getting your life back on track.

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