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Holistic Heroin Recovery

Holistic Heroin Recovery


Heroin addiction is a difficult dependency to break. Often it takes many years and multiple attempts at becoming sober to completely change your life, but millions of people do it every year for hundreds of addictions. In 2008 alone, over 14 percent of those who sought treatment did so for a heroin addiction.

Holistic rehab is a growing movement in the US., targeted at helping anyone with an addiction who may have tried traditional approaches and found them lacking for any reason. In the case of a heroin addiction, this alternative treatment method may just be the best choice to make.

What Is Holistic Rehab?

Holistic rehab is considered an alternative form of drug and alcohol addiction treatment because of the methods used to treat the patient. Holistic rehab focuses on a natural, non-medicinal approach to dealing with physical issues. Herbal remedies are sometimes used instead of traditional pain medication, and most of the food served during treatment is organic.

Another important aspect of holistic treatment revolves around the idea that recovery comes when the mind, body and soul have been enriched. Holistic heroin rehab can be highly spiritual, as you’re encouraged to meditate or pray in order to help you find the peace you need to overcome your addiction.

Holistic Rehab and Heroin Addiction


While heroin addiction is often considered a physical addiction, it comes with a number of psychological dangers as well.  Holistic rehab can be helpful in overcoming these psychological cravings since so much of holistic treatment is based on talk therapy and meditation. Additionally, physical cravings are considered more difficult to treat, but the natural aspects of holistic rehab can help minimize pain and discomfort that come from heroin withdrawal.

The holistic rehab process itself is similar, if not the same, as traditional rehab. Heroin detox is completed at the beginning of treatment. Physical pain is to be expected during detox, as are emotional cravings. The staff at a holistic treatment center is here to help you overcome these issues.

After you’ve completed detox in a holistic heroin recovery center, you’ve started to heal your body. Next comes healing your mind and spirit. Traditional treatment focuses on providing medications along with therapy to help treat underlying depression and other issues that led to your heroin addiction. Holistic heroin treatment, however, focuses on treating any additional issues without medications. Group therapy and private counseling are the two most common methods of dealing with these issues, but some holistic programs also offer yoga or physical activities aimed at teaching you to deal with your problems in productive, healthy ways.

What Comes After Holistic Heroin Rehab?


One of the most difficult parts of recovery from a heroin addiction is adjusting to life after treatment. Inpatient care is recommended for serious addictions like this, but it can be difficult to go back to unstructured days among people who haven’t shared your healing experiences. Another thing that makes holistic heroin treatment different from traditional care is that it allows you to change your lifestyle completely. From your eating habits to your thought processes, holistic treatment helps you make healthy choices, and gives you long-term help in avoiding drugs as coping mechanisms for other problems.

While your recovery ultimately is determined by your willingness to get help, the type of rehab treatment you receive goes a long way toward aiding your long-term recovery. Holistic heroin treatment may not be for everyone, but perhaps you should consider it as an alternative.

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