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One of a family of groups devoted to helping people who are negatively impacted by someone else’s drug or alcohol use, Nar-Anon is a 12-step program that provides coping skills and support to those in need of healing. It’s not easy to live with the effects of someone else’s drug addiction. Using the 12 steps and traditions that were originally designed to aid someone trying to learn how to live without drugs and alcohol, Nar-Anon helps those who love someone with an addiction to find balance in their lives, spiritual truth, and a sense of self-worth that will help them to find joy again.

Nar-Anon Requirement for Membership

You need only one thing to become a member of Nar-Anon: an interest in learning how to positively cope with a family member or friend who is living with an active addiction to drugs.

Nar-Anon Quick Facts

  • Nar-Anon is not affiliated or supported by any outside organization – religious, for-profit, nonprofit or otherwise.
  • In order to avoid conflicts of interest, Nar-Anon does not formally support any causes of any kind.
  • Nar-Anon meetings are located across the United States and Canada and around the world.
  • The primary function of Nar-Anon is to provide support to those who are learning how to deal with the effects of someone else’s addiction without letting it harm them emotionally, physically or spiritually.

Nar-Anon Meetings

If you would like to find a Nar-Anon meeting that is close to you, you can do so online. Simply type in your location and you will see a list of meetings that are available. If there is not a meeting that is convenient for you to attend due its time or location, then you are welcome to start one. You don’t need any special qualifications or degrees. Information is available at the Nar-Anon website that will walk you through the process and tell you what you need to get started and maintain your new group.

How Do I Join Nar-Anon?

Joining Nar-Anon is simple: you just show up to a meeting! Attendance is all that is required to be involved. There are no dues or fees and no responsibilities placed upon you. You don’t even have to speak during the meeting if you don’t want to. You are more than welcome to just listen.

Does Nar-Anon Provide Professional Therapeutic Help?

No. Nar-Anon is a non-professional organization. The people in attendance are the people who are in need of support as they go through this difficult time in their lives. Some people have been involved in the program longer than others and some may volunteer to “lead” a meeting, but there are no therapists on staff or counselors who can provide professional therapeutic or psychological support.

If you would like to find a mental health treatment program that can help you to deal with the ill effects of someone else’s drug use, we can match you with a program that is suited to your needs. For some, the stress and grief related to a loved one’s continued drug addiction can lead to a serious struggle with depression or anxiety that will require psychotherapeutic treatment. In some cases, pharmacological treatment may be recommended as well.

Contact us today at the phone number listed above to learn more about your options in mental health treatment and find out how Nar-Anon meetings can augment your treatment plan.

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