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Alateen is included in the family of Al-Anon groups – support groups dedicated to helping friends and family members deal with the impact of a loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction. If a teenager you know has been impacted by someone’s drinking then they will benefit from attending Alateen meetings.

Would you like to learn more about Alateen and other services available to kids who are negatively impacted by drugs and alcohol? Contact us today to speak to a counselor who can help.

How Alateen Can Help a Teen You Love Heal

Alateen is one of the Al-Anon 12-step groups, but it is solely focused on teenagers and their experience with parents or caregivers who are living with alcoholism. Al-Anon members support the Alateen groups and help them as they deal with the fallout of someone else’s drinking. Some of the benefits of Alateen include:

  • The ability to share one’s experience with others who empathize
  • An open discussion about handling difficulties caused by someone’s drinking
  • Learning new coping mechanisms to handle issues as they arise
  • Encouragement from and for others in the group
  • Feeling a part of something larger than themselves that is positive
  • Helping each other to apply the 12 steps and principles of the Al-Anon program in their lives

Alateen Teaches Teens That…

  • No one else’s drinking is their fault.
  • They are not responsible for anyone’s behavior but their own.
  • They can still love someone who drinks without becoming emotionally invested in their choices.
  • They can be successful, happy and positive in their own lives even if someone they love continues to drink.

Peter’s Mom

“I wanted to believe that he didn’t know that his father was drinking. His dad drank mixed drinks so it wasn’t like there were a lot of beer cans lying around. A lot of times he would just pass out in front of the TV. But there were many evenings when he was loud and angry – every little thing Peter or I would do would set him off. I tried to shield Peter from the truth, but he’s a smart kid. I think most kids know when something like that is going on. So I decided to get him some help. He won’t talk to me, but I think talking to other people who have been through it really helps him.”

Does Your Teen Need Alcohol Abuse Treatment?

It’s not uncommon for teens who grow up with someone who abuses alcohol or other substances to begin to develop substance abuse issues of their own. If your teen is experimenting with drugs or drinking, it may be appropriate to enroll them in a teen alcohol abuse program. Here your teen will:

  • Learn more about the road that lies ahead of them should they choose to continue to drink
  • Meet other teens who have had similar life experiences
  • Gain a network of support through peers in recovery and counselors on staff
  • Learn new ways to deal with stress, anger, depression and other emotions
  • Build self-esteem and confidence

Would you like to find a teen program designed specifically for the needs of a growing young adult? Our counselors can match your child with a program that’s right for him or her. Call now to discuss what you’re looking for and find the right treatment program for your family.

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