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The road to recovery is challenging, get educated to ease your burden.

Education and Resources

Family member support is extremely important in the recovery process of a loved one with an addiction or mental illness. As a caring member of the family, your roll can help make a difference and increase the success rate of a full recovery. While it might not be you who is struggling with a substance abuse issue, if someone in your family is, you should do your best to show your love and support since they might not have anyone else they can turn to for help.

The price tag for rehabilitation and treatment can be a hefty one that can potentially put a strain on you or your family's finances. With that said, don't let the cost or rehab keep you from getting someone the help they need. There are numerous options that can make paying for it manageable. Insurance and payment plans are always a good option and also searching for affordable services that don't cost the same as a luxury facility is a smart idea. In the end though, can you really put a price on the health and wellness of someone you care about?

Once the main recovery program is complete and you or your loved one return to daily life, now comes a great challenge; that is, the challenge to stay clean and avoid relapse. Relapse can occur at any time for any number of reasons but by being prepared and staying vigil, you can succeed and go on to live a long and fruitful life.

Get the latest addiction statistics and find out about what research is being conducted right now. By having the facts, you can empower yourself with the knowledge you might need to get someone into rehab, stop someone from using in the first place and avoid having them becoming another statistic.

The treatment industry is a vast one with many branches of care. This means there are numerous careers and jobs that are in need of being filled. What better way to show you appreciation for the treatment process than to go on to help others in need. Recovering addicts make great drug counselors or care providers because only they truly now what kind of struggle it is to overcome an addiction. Find out if a career in the treatment industry is right for you.

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The cost of alcohol or drug addiction treatment may appear to be an obstacle, but we are here to help. Insurance may cover all or some of your rehab.

Find out if your insurance covers long-term addiction rehabilitation.

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