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Drugs and Alcohol

Over the last 30 years, the gender gap between male and female alcoholics has begun to close. Traditionally, more men than women struggled with alcoholism but these statistics have narrowed. Why? Some suggest that it may be due to the new, more equal playing field in the work force combined with the continued expectations of […]

Miley Cyrus has unfortunately acquired a reputation in the media for making questionable choices. Her latest single entitled “We Can’t Stop” has served to fuel the fire of gossip thanks to its repeated and blatant promotion of drug use. In fact, the whole album is characterized by lines that refer to drug abuse, and many […]

Legislators and residents in Florida have been in a battle to clear Florida’s reputation as a center for drug activity for quite some time. Recently implemented laws that address the prescription medication epidemic that ran wild in the state in the past decade have successfully begun to decrease the activities of “pill mills” and doctors […]

Cocaine is the second most commonly chosen non-prescription drug that is abused in the United States for recreational purposes after marijuana. The profits garnered by the cocaine industry in Columbia now exceed those of the coffee industry. The issue of cocaine abuse and dependence afflicts approximately 2 million people in the United States alone according […]

A 10-year study conducted through the University of California illustrates a high correlation between the use of drugs in a mother while a child is in utero and the outbreak of severe behavior problems later in the child’s life. The study points to a saddening but not surprising issue: the long-term consequences of drug use […]

Senator Charles Schumer is taking the abuse of stimulants such as Adderall on American college campuses seriously, and he wants the public to take it seriously as well. The senator has publicly renounced the practice of abusing prescription medication to increase concentration and awareness. Said Sen. Schumer: “There are better ways to pull an all-nighter […]

Former bachelorette, Meredith Phillips – who began her career as a model, won a role on the reality series The Bachelor, and then returned the following season to star in the reality series The Bachelorette – spoke to ABC News about the struggles of being an alcoholic. Meredith has been sober for about six months […]

This Memorial Day weekend was an eventful one for a few US Customs and Border Protection patrol teams. The patrol teams intercepted two speedboats filled with cocaine, one located west of Ecuador and the other near the Panama-Colombian border. The approximate worth of the cocaine intercepted over the weekend is a whopping $500+ million. The […]

In Florida, like many states across the country, there is a central database that tracks the use of prescription medication, particularly medication that is addictive. Databases such as this one have a proven track record of curbing the practice of “doctor shopping,” which happens when a patient gets multiple doctors to give them prescriptions for […]

The current drug use situation in Major League Baseball (MLB) reflects the need for change in order to increase the purity of sport. The MLB is reportedly about to suspend at least 20 players for using performance-enhancing drugs. Although this isn’t a shocking turn of events given the recent historical struggle with baseball players and […]

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