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Finding a Spouse Drug Treatment Program

Finding a Spouse Drug Treatment Program

If your husband or wife is preparing to enter rehab for a drug or alcohol addiction, it can be a frightening situation. What will happen to your spouse during rehab? How will you cope being without your spouse for such a long period of time? What will happen after your spouse comes home? Treatment will not magically keep your spouse from ever using drugs or alcohol again. Things will need to change at home and in your relationship.

Spousal or Family Therapy

The drug rehab program will likely offer family therapy, which will include education so you know more about your spouse’s addiction. You will learn things you can do to support your spouse during recovery. You will learn better communication skills and the need to be supportive of continued recovery for your spouse after rehab, including through the use of 12-step programs.

During some portions of the rehab program, your communication with your spouse may be limited. The program’s aim is to focus on recovery for your loved one, and sometimes too much contact with friends and family can interfere with that. Therefore, give your spouse some space during this time and be sure to visit when appropriate.

The articleWhy Marriages Need Support After a Spouse Comes out of Rehab for Alcoholism” discusses the fact that inpatient rehab is not the cure-all for an addiction problem. Although your spouse will learn new skills and behaviors while in rehab, they will come home and need to set new patterns to remain sober. The other partner who expects a new relationship may be disappointed. The spouse who comes home from rehab may be focusing more on staying sober than maintaining a relationship with their spouse. There may be a lot of stress and tension in the spouse’s fight to stay clean and sober and avoid relapses.

Be aware of options for couples and family therapy after your spouse completes rehab. Your spouse will need continued treatment and support in some form for the rest of their life, as addiction is a life-long illness.

*Taking Care of Yourself While Your Spouse Is in Rehab

While your spouse is in rehab, you should try to focus on your needs. This may seem selfish, but you want to make sure you take care of yourself so you can better help your spouse after they come home from rehab. According to Addiction Treatment Magazine, here are some things you can do:

  • Start a new hobby.
  • Attend social events.
  • Take a class/finish school.
  • Get plenty of rest and exercise.
  • Spend time with friends.

Get Help for Your Husband or Wife

It may be difficult to away from your spouse for 30, 60 or 90 days, or even longer, while they are in rehab. It is important to be your spouse’s source of support during this difficult time. Be sure to visit and attend family therapy sessions, if the treatment facility offers them. Not sure where to find treatment facilities in your area? Call us for help. We have helped many people in your situation. We will assess your spouse’s addiction and determine what type of programs would be right for them. Give us a call today to get your marriage back on the right track, without substance abuse problems.

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