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Holistic Care Drug Rehab Centers

Holistic Care Drug Rehab Centers

One of the fastest-growing types of drug rehab involves holistic care. Holistic approaches to addiction treatment are gaining popularity as individuals are seeking a more “whole body” approach to their recovery. These programs may not be for everyone, but there is no denying that they have helped countless individuals achieve and maintain sobriety.

What are the Elements of Holistic Drug Rehab?

There are several holistic practices – all developed centuries ago in Asia – that are currently playing a role in modern drug rehab centers. These practices include:

  • Yoga. Exercising the mind and body, yoga helps individuals achieve better health and get in touch with their spiritual side. Many individuals who start doing yoga during drug rehab actually find that it brings them great solace after treatment has ended (as a healthy replacement for drug use).
  • Meditation. Transcendental meditation is a way for individual to shut out all the distractions in their lives so that they may better focus on their recovery. This is especially important given the fact that
  • Acupuncture. For centuries, acupuncture has helped men and women overcome a variety of physical and psychological conditions. In drug rehab, acupuncture is used to identify those parts of the body that control impulsive behavior and stress – both of which can lead to substance abuse and addiction.

Other Types of Holistic Rehab

In addition to these traditional Eastern practices, there are also modern takes on holistic care. Exercise regimens and nutritional counseling are both “holistic” means of improving the recovering addict’s overall health so that they are better prepared to achieve and maintain sobriety. Many drug rehab centers invoke these practices in the name of the mind-body-spirit connection that has had magnificent results with men and women of all ages.

How does Holistic Drug Rehab Work?

Currently, the drug addiction treatment programs that are enjoying the most success with holistic drug rehab are those that are incorporating these ancient practices into a modern treatment plan. For example, an individual who is enrolled at a residential drug rehab center may attend counseling and detox during the day – but in the evening will take part in yoga classes or meditation sessions. This “best of both worlds” attitude is helping individuals enhance their lives in mind, body and spirit en route to recovery.

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