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About Executive Drug Addiction Rehab

About Executive Drug Addiction Rehab

There are many high-profile executives who misuse drugs on a daily basis. Executives who abuse drugs might be traveling around the world, taking clients out to dinner, keeping late hours to complete projects, and then waking up early to present at meetings. For some of these people, an alternating cycle of stimulants and depressants are taken to help manage such a fast-paced schedule. The chemical “support” provided by such substances becomes a person’s version of “normal,” and they may quickly develop habits that are unhealthy and problematic. DESCRIPTION GOES HERE

Like others, individuals who hold down executive level positions in the workplace and are struggling with a drug addiction can stop using substances and get back on track by enrolling in a treatment program. Not only will their job performance benefit from treating the addiction, they may see progress with their health, relationships, and overall satisfaction with life. If they are at the top of their company or firm, it can be scary to think about leaving their job to enter drug treatment. However, it may be the best investment they ever make.

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Drug Addiction and Job Pressure

It is perhaps not surprising that some executives start using drugs to manage the pressures that come with a high-profile position. This is a common response to such life pressure. Many business people will use:


  • Alcohol to entertain clients, de-stress, or get through a long work session.
  • Marijuana to de-stress or relax after long periods of intense work.
  • Stimulants to stay awake for long periods of time or increase focus to complete a project.
  • Depressants to shut down after using stimulants to stay awake or to force themselves to sleep in a brief period of time.

Over time the use of substances may create problems that spiral out of control and no longer add to their ability to meet deadlines. Instead, drugs can make it more difficult to concentrate and perform, causing problems that are both emotional and physical.

The Value of Anonymity in Upscale Drug Rehab

All executive rehab and recovery centers are 100% anonymous. Details about a person’s medical, psychological, or emotional health will never be given or told to anyone.

Individuals can even take an extended leave from work to enter drug rehab. People may think they are on vacation or sabbatical, but meanwhile they are taking care of a very important aspect of their health. By taking time off to enter rehab, they can come back refreshed and ready to work without anyone knowing why they were gone.

Luxury Rehab: Intensive Treatment, Intensive Healing

One of the perks of executive treatment is that a person will receive professional treatment in a space where they can relax, focus on their addiction, and heal. Residential care allows an individual to focus solely on their recovery and will often yield the best results in the long-term. The more intensive a person’s treatment experience is and the more engaged they are in their aftercare program, the more likely they will remain drug-free when they return home.

The Value of High-End Addiction Treatment

When a person pays for executive rehab, they are going to receive high-end, cutting-edge treatment as well as the opportunity to combine alternative and holistic methods with traditional therapy. In treatment they will be able to create a well-rounded addiction recovery plan that is designed specifically to meet their individual needs.

Alternative and holistic treatment options may include:

  • Meditation.
  • Yoga.
  • Art therapy.
  • Massage.
  • Acupuncture.

When a person is receiving treatment at a luxury addiction treatment center, they will have access to upscale amenities. Every rehab program is different, and an executive treatment center may include:

  • Conference rooms.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Chef-prepared meals.
  • Exercise equipment and pools.
  • Enhanced privacy and security.

What to Expect From Executive Drug Rehab

Although each drug rehab program is different, many executive addiction treatment centers usually provide:

  • Medical detox. Full-time supervision and access to medical services in the event that unpleasant withdrawal symptoms arise when the recovering individual attempts to stop using their drug of choice.
  • Psychotherapy. Counselors and therapists are on hand to address any trauma, associated mental health issues, and other underlying problems. Access to substance abuse treatment professionals to check in with throughout treatment is a foundational tool in a person’s recovery.
  • Wide range of treatment services. Everything from traditional 12-step options to alternative and holistic therapies should be available to individuals throughout their rehab experience.
  • Aftercare services. People who enforce healthy behaviors can be a crucial part of a person’s success in recovery. This is especially true when they have to get back to work and can’t make it to regular therapy sessions or attend an outpatient follow-up program.

If you or someone you know has questions about executive rehab for drug abuse or addiction, call 1-888-744-0789 Who Answers? today to learn more about how to get started on the road to recovery and a successful drug-free life.

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