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Marijuana Detox

Marijuana Detox

What happens when you detox from marijuana? While some anecdotal accounts report that certain detox teas can help, the wiser course is to consult with a medical professional who has experience with drug detox of all kinds, including marijuana. Though the withdrawal process is typically far less severe than with substances such as alcohol or opiates, there are still physical and mental symptoms that can emerge, ranging from annoying to uncomfortable.

Examples of marijuana withdrawal symptoms may include:

  • Insomnia.
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Agitation.
  • Memory and learning problems.

Reaching out to a qualified detox center can help you manage these symptoms as safely and comfortably as possible.

Deciding to quit using marijuana is a huge step. Whether you have used for many months or many years, the effects of the drug can linger in your body for a while.  If you are looking to detox quickly, a search on the internet will result in many home remedies that other marijuana users have tried in the past. Many of these include detox drinks and teas that claim to rid your body of toxins quickly. These are geared toward users who may have to do a drug test in the near future and do not want any trace of the drug to show up on the test.

It is advised that marijuana users consult with a drug detox center that has experience with the marijuana detox process. As the detox process for marijuana does not have life-threatening side effects, like it does for some other drugs, the person can still become very physically uncomfortable during the process and they may be scared about what is happening to them.

According to Marijuana Anonymous, here are some things marijuana users can do to make the detox process easier on their body and emotions:

  • Drink water and other clear liquids frequently to flush out the body. Cranberry juice is also effective in cleansing the body. Many detox centers use it for their patients.
  • Sweat. Excessive sweating removes toxins from the body, and vigorous exercise or a sauna can help you break a sweat. Exercise also helps with the healing process, as it lifts up one’s attitude.
  • Take a hot soaking bath.
  • Eliminate fat and caffeine during the detox process.
  • Warm milk can be effective in helping those with insomnia.

Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

Contrary to popular belief, marijuana is an addictive drug. When marijuana users quit using the drug, they may experience several common withdrawal symptoms. According to Marijuana Anonymous, they include the following:

  • Insomnia: It is not uncommon for someone to go several days without sleeping, with some cases of insomnia lasting several months.
  • Vivid dreams: These dreams can be very colorful or emotional. They may last for several weeks and be replaced with dreams of the person using marijuana.
  • Depression: The lack of a “high” can make a user depressed.
  • Anger/irritability: Users may have a lot of pent-up anger at friends, family and themselves drug use, especially if they are being forced to stop using marijuana and get clean.
  • Concentration/memory problems: These can last for a month and can affect one’s ability to learn new things.

Researching a Rehabilitation Center

It can be risky to suddenly quit using marijuana and detox yourself without the help of medical professionals. There are many home remedies, as well as expensive specialty shampoos and detox kits, that claim to cleanse your body of marijuana in just a few days. However, these products can be costly and their effectiveness is not proven or guaranteed.

A top quality marijuana detox center has a track record of helping many marijuana addicts detox and cleanse their body from THC, which can stay in the body for weeks or even months after someone has last smoked marijuana. We can help you find a marijuana rehabilitation center to help you safely rid the effects of marijuana use from your body. Get started today by making that call to us.

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