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Choosing the Best Private Treatment Facility

Choosing the Best Private Treatment Facility

There are numerous types of illegal drugs out there. In addition to that, there are also hundreds of street names and nicknames for each drug. Many of these names sound alike. To make things even more confusing, these terms change often. Some change as often as every day. Why are there so many slang terms and street names and who can remember them all?

Your Dictionary explains the evolution of drug terms and why they are always changing. The average person may know drugs by their given names and not much beyond that. They generally don’t need to anyway. However, to those who live on the streets, drugs are all they know. They must be able to keep up with the most current slang or they could end up getting caught by the police. This is why police officers are tasked with knowing the latest street names for various drugs. However, by the time they have learned them, the nicknames have changed to new ones.

In some cases, creating a new nickname for a drug is just cool. Those who enjoy a certain drug a lot may feel compelled to come up with a unique name for it. Because using drugs is sometimes about peer pressure, coming up with a cool name for a drug can make someone popular among his or her group. Certain drugs may make a person feel creative anyway and the newfound creativity may spark a new name.

Sometimes slang terms are reused. Street names and nicknames that were used maybe 100 years ago may make a comeback. The slang is always evolving and it is hard to determine what the next name will be. It’s all part of a game to keep those involved in the drug industry away from police, which can lead to a criminal record, fines and jail time.

Knowing common drug slang can be helpful for parents of teens as well. Teens are under so much pressure nowadays and the pressure to use drugs is particularly common in high school, where everyone wants to fit in. Therefore, parents need to step up during this critical time in their children’s lives and talk to them about drug use. They should also be aware of the signs and symptoms to look for. According to The Antidrug, there is specific drug lingo that parents should be listening for when they are around their children. Knowing the early warning signs means that you can get help before it is too late.

*Most Commonly Abused Drugs

There are many different types of drugs available out on the streets. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, here are the most commonly used ones.

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamines
  • Prescription drugs

Finding Treatment Facilities

Drug addiction is a complex brain disorder. Drugs affect the lives of people in so many ways. Because of this, treating drug addiction is not easy. Treatment must cover various aspects of a person’s life in order to be effective in the long term. In addition, several forms of treatment may need to be used. If you need help in choosing the best exclusive residential or outpatient addiction treatment facility, don’t hesitate to call us.

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The cost of alcohol or drug addiction treatment may appear to be an obstacle, but we are here to help. Insurance may cover all or some of your rehab.

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