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The Most Addictive Drugs

The Most Addictive Drugs

There are many types of drugs available, both legal and illegal, that can get you hooked quickly. You try it once and you keep using it day after day, sometimes many times throughout the day so you can get your “fix.” There are many drugs on the market – or the street – that contain addictive properties that mess with your brain’s functioning. When you use a drug repeatedly, your brain makes changes to its functioning. It starts to counter more and more of the good feeling your body gets after taking a certain drug.

Prescription Drugs

According to a NewsChannel5.com article “3 Most Dangerous Drugs Are Legal,” the deadliest drugs are the ones you’d least expect – and they are ones used by people who are not even considered to be drug addicts. According to the article, most fatal drug overdoses are caused by prescription drugs. They kill 26,000 people every year – more than meth, cocaine and heroin combined.


Another highly addictive drug is nicotine. More than 500,000 deaths every year are caused by smoking, with 90 percent of lung cancer cases also caused by smoking. Nicotine is also a very common drug. One survey showed that it was used by 70 million people in the United States in the previous month alone. It is estimated that 30 percent of nicotine users are addicted, according to Health Guidance.


Alcohol is considered to be the most harmful drug of all. According to “3 Most Dangerous Drugs Are Legal,” alcohol accounts for 2.5 million deaths every year and 4 percent of all deaths worldwide. Alcohol is available virtually everywhere and it is hard to kick the habit. Alcohol is the drug with the worst withdrawal effects. Within three days after quitting alcohol, one can experience hallucinations, delirium and seizures that are fatal in 5 percent of cases.


An unlikely substance that also causes addiction is caffeine. Caffeine is widely used by many people because it provides energy and alertness. It is commonly found in coffee, tea, sodas and energy drinks.

Cocaine, Heroin and Marijuana

Of the illegal drugs, cocaine, heroin and marijuana tend to be the most addictive, according to Health Guidance. The main ingredient in marijuana, THC, is a chemical compound that gives the body feelings of relaxation. Cocaine causes the body to produce excessive amounts of neurotransmitters, which make the person feel powerful and smarter. Heroin is a highly addictive drug that causes excitement and euphoria. These drugs all cause feelings of pleasure, but they also cause harmful and even deadly effects to the body.

*Most Addictive Legal Substances

Not all harmful substances are illegal. The ones on this list are widely used by millions of people every day. Here are some of the most addictive but legal substances available to the public, according to Health Guidance.

  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine
  • Caffeine
  • Prescription drugs (with a valid prescription)

Get Help for Abuse and Addiction Issues

There are many substances, though pleasurable, that are harmful to your health. They can cause dependence and addiction, which can lead to serious health problems, unconsciousness, overdose and even death.

You can live a life free of addiction. Get started on the path to clean and sober living by calling us for help. Whether your drug of choice is legal or illegal, there are many recovery options available to help you kick the habit for good. We can help you choose the best exclusive residential or outpatient treatment center near your area.

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