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How to Spot Drug Addiction Signs and Symptoms

How to Spot Drug Addiction Signs and Symptoms

While not everyone will exhibit their drug addiction the same, there are some common signs and symptoms to look for. Behavioral changes such as losing interest in their normal hobbies or activities and borrowing or stealing money from friends and relatives should send up red flags, as should physical changes like bloodshot eyes or drastic weight loss. If you observe any of these changes and are concerned a drug addiction is at the root of them, try to have a conversation about it with your loved one and seek out professional help to guide you both through the process of rehab and recovery.

Due to the fact that most individuals will not freely admit that they have a drug addiction problem, it falls upon family and friends to help that person get the professional drug rehab treatment they need to turn their lives around. But in order to do this, loved ones must be able to ascertain whether or not the person in question even has a drug addiction at all.

The following information is designed to help families spot signs and symptoms of drug addiction.

Most Common Drug Addiction Symptoms

Although every drug addiction is different, there are a number of classic signs and symptoms that occur across almost all different types of substance abuse and dependency, including:

  • A sudden loss of interest in family and friends
  • A loss of interest in hobbies and activities once found fulfilling
  • Bloodshot eyes or dilated pupils
  • Stealing money to support drug habit
  • Borrowing money from friends and family
  • Unexplained absences from the home
  • Lying about whereabouts
  • Irritability and sudden mood swings

If someone in your life is exhibiting one or more of these symptoms, it is time to provide a helping hand. You may be the only thing standing between your loved one and a further descent into drug addiction.

Getting Help for Someone Showing Signs of Drug Dependency

Now that you have identified that your friend or family member is indeed suffering from addiction, the question becomes, “what to do next?” First, try talking to the individual is a loving and honest way about their condition. Urge them to get help and make sure that they know you are there for them every step of the way.

If this approach fails to get them into treatment, you may want to consider holding an intervention. A drug intervention is a meeting where family and friends (or co-workers) “confront” the individual about his or her drug addiction – and how it is impacting the lives of those around them.

The end goal of an intervention is to get the individual into a treatment program for drug addiction immediately following the meeting. With that in mind, it is important to research the best nearby private inpatient drug rehab center and alert them that you will be arriving with the individual at a certain time. Someone will need to pack an overnight bag for the individual so that they can be driven directly to the exclusive rehab facility.

Have you discovered that a friend or family member is suffering with a drug addiction? If you are unsure of where to turn, contact a professional drug rehab program today. Treatment professionals are standing by at these facilities to answer all your questions, and help get the individual into a drug rehab program immediately.

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