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Depersonalization Disorder

Depersonalization is defined by the feeling that nothing around you is real, or that everything is shrouded in fog or far away. You may feel as if you are watching yourself from a distance as you go through your day, disconnected to everyone in your life – including yourself.

If you feel like you’re living in a dream or that you’ve lost your grip on reality, and it’s a feeling that never seems to pass, then your chances of being diagnosed with the disorder are high. If it’s been happening to you unrelated to sleep pattern disruption or substance abuse, and since you experienced a traumatic event or natural disaster, then depersonalization disorder may be the problem. If it’s a problem that disrupts your ability to function in daily life, at work or in relationships, then mental health treatment is the solution.

*When the Sense of Depersonalization Is Not Depersonalization Disorder

Not everyone who feels disconnected from their bodies or as if they are not engaged in their life’s experience is living with depersonalization disorder. It could be caused by medication, substance abuse or a lack of sleep. If none of these issues are the cause and depersonalization continues for months with little or no break, consult a doctor.

Do I Have Depersonalization Disorder?

According to the Mayo Clinic, you may be living with depersonalization disorder if you experience:

  • A chronic feeling that you are outside of your body, or that your thoughts and actions are happening independently of you
  • A robotic feeling
  • The sense that you are living in a dream
  • A lack of control over your decisions, thoughts, speech or actions
  • A lack of connection to those you love
  • An understanding that the sense that everything around you is surreal is not actually true but a feeling that you are experiencing for an unexplained reason

*Depersonalization May Occur With Other Mental Health Conditions:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Schizophrenia

Are You Ready to Get Treatment for Depersonalization Disorder?

If you believe that you are living with depersonalization disorder, you can begin the process of healing today. Start by contacting us at the phone number listed above. Speak with a counselor about the types of treatment programs that can help you, and then prepare for your first appointment with your therapeutic team. You can:

  • Make a list of your questions about the disorder.
  • Make a list of your symptoms so your doctor can better understand what you are experiencing.
  • Plan to bring a friend or family member who can help answer the doctor’s questions and help you remember the information you are given.
  • Gather your medical information, including insurance information, so you can get started with treatment right away.
  • Prepare to discuss any trauma that you may have experienced or witnessed – this may be the issue underlying your depersonalization episodes.

If you’re ready to stop living in a dream and start living your life purposefully, contact us today and begin the treatment that can change your life.

*Problems Caused by Depersonalization Disorder

If you are living with depersonalization disorder, you may experience:

  • Depersonalization episodes that are scary or uncomfortable
  • Difficulty staying on your game at work or in school
  • An inability to focus on conversations or projects you need to finish
  • Frequent arguments with your close family and friends

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