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Choosing the Top Demerol Addiction Inpatient Treatment Facility

About Demerol

  • Many people are prescribed Demerol to deal with pain in some form. The drug works in such a way that it attaches to the pain receptors in the brain so the sensations of pain are lessened and reduced. For the feelings Demerol can give, it is no wonder Demerol abuse and addiction are all too common.
  • As Demerol is an opiate, it can be habit-forming, making the need to follow how the drug is prescribed one of extreme importance. However, Demerol is not always prescribed. Many begin using the drug recreationally and illegally. No matter the outlet for beginning to take the drug, addiction can take hold of you quickly as Demerol is a fast-acting opioid drug.

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The specific treatment required does vary from one Demerol addict to another. Those with long-term addictions may need more intensive treatment than those who have just begun to abuse the drug. Each addiction is unique even when it is to the same drug, and must be considered by addicts and their health care practitioners when it comes time to choose a treatment protocol.

Addiction Statistics on Painkillers

  • A survey indicated that within a 30 day period around seven million people over the age of 12 abused some kind of prescription drug
  • Around one-quarter of all teens will try prescription drugs, specifically painkillers before the time they graduate high school.
  • Mortality rates as a result of painkiller use have increased drastically over the past decade.
  • Depression is more prevalent in individuals who abuse prescription painkillers.
  • One out of every 10 teens admits to abusing a prescription painkiller like Demerol.
  • Between 1997 and 2005, the sale of pain medicine that is available by prescription only increased by nearly 90 percent.

The above statistics apply to individuals from various demographics.

Which Demographics Abuse Demerol and Other Painkillers?

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There is no demographic that is immune to prescription drug abuse – men, women and teens all find themselves falling victim to painkiller abuse.

  • The number of men abusing prescription painkillers has increased in recent years, while the number of women has hit a plateau.
  • Teen prescription drug abuse begins as early as eighth grade, when about 2.9 percent of students admit to trying painkillers.
  • It is a stereotype that it is women who typically are the demographic that most frequently abuse drugs.

Demerol Dangers

Before you adjust your Demerol dosage, it is important to talk to your doctor so you don’t start abusing the drug unintentionally. Just like other opiate painkillers, it’s possible to overdose on Demerol and it can be fatal.

When Demerol is prescribed, it can generally be taken safely and responsibly. However, the drug has the ability to become addictive as it does act quickly, and lends a sense of euphoria and rush to users.

Some addicts also like taking the drug for the feelings of confusion and the difficulty with concentrating the drug can cause; they find it helps them to relax. However, the drug becomes most dangerous when it is no longer helping the patient with pain. In essence, the addict has built up a tolerance to the drug, causing patients to take more and more to achieve the pain relief they are looking for in the first place with Demerol.

Demerol Addiction Signs

If you think you might be addicted to Demerol, there are a number of signs and symptoms to watch out for. An addiction becomes most apparent through several physical indications. These physical signs are associated with withdrawing from the drug. These physical symptoms include diarrhea, stomach cramps, anxiety, runny nose, insomnia, tremors, restlessness, flu-like symptoms, muscle and bone pain, and agitation.Some of the other common signs that an addiction to Demerol is at hand include:

  • Requesting Demerol specifically at the doctor
  • Purchasing the drug through illegal means
  • Forging prescriptions to get Demerol
  • Shopping around for doctors who will hand out multiple prescriptions
  • Frequent trips to the emergency room in hopes of getting a prescription for Demerol

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Complications with Demerol Addiction

Along with the general signs that you have an addiction to Demerol, such as doctor shopping and falsifying prescriptions, the complexities of Demerol addiction can also be further signs that an addiction is at hand. Addicts go through drug craving and pains frequently. There are also great pains associated with trying to withdraw from the drug.

Many addicts have also built up a tolerance to Demerol, meaning they need more and more to actually feel its effects. The complications with Demerol addiction can even reach such lengths that addicts will undergo medical procedures just to get a prescription to Demerol.

Choosing Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is what is often recommended to individuals with Demerol addiction since the drug is physically addictive. Drugs of this type have a substantial risk of relapse associated with them due to the withdrawal symptoms that they cause in individuals who stop using.
To avoid the risk of relapse, around-the-clock treatment that is offered in inpatient rehab is beneficial to these addicts. Over time, they learn skills that will help them avoid use of Demerol in the future, despite any temptations faced. They also learn how to cope with any emotional traumas that led to their drug use in a way that does not rely upon unhealthy habits like substance abuse.

Some of the services offered to Demerol addicts in inpatient treatment include:

  • 24/7 medical and psychological support
  • Access to groups of individuals also in treatment
  • Exercise and nutrition classes
  • A drug-free environment
  • Amenities that vary depending upon the treatment option chosen

There are some specific types of Demerol addicts who will most benefit from a treatment program that takes place on an inpatient basis.

Addicts Who Benefit from Inpatient Addiction Treatment

While all Demerol addicts can benefit from inpatient addiction treatment, there are some in particular who will find they benefit the most. Individuals who have experienced the following in their addiction history will benefit from inpatient Demerol addiction treatment:

  • An inability to resist temptation when there are drugs available
  • An inability to cope with stressful situations without turning to Demerol to numb the pain
  • Friends and/or family members who are regularly participating in negative behaviors
  • The lack of an appropriate support network from friends and family
Inpatient rehab offers solutions to each of the above challenges that some Demerol addicts can face. It ensures that they are set up for greater success based on the services that are available to them. Each of the above issues prevents individuals from having sufficient support that is required for drug recovery.

Other Treatment Options

Demerol addicts who do not believe inpatient treatment is the right option for them can look at outpatient treatment and addiction aftercare. Professional services that offer specialists experienced in dealing with Demerol or painkiller addiction can all be beneficial to drug recovery, provided an addict chooses the best option for their needs.

Demerol Addiction Symptoms

Demerol addiction is a serious disorder, a brain disease that can cause those in its grips to act like completely different people. If you’ve noticed an extreme change in personality in someone you care about and you believe a Demerol addiction is to blame, you can help them get the treatment they need to feel – and act – normally again. Contact us today to get started.

If you believe that someone you care about is living with a dependence upon Demerol, look for the following signs:

  • Crushing pills before swallowing them
  • Crushing pills before snorting or injecting them
  • Combining Demerol with alcohol or other prescription drugs
  • Lying about how much of the drug they are taking
  • Getting duplicate Demerol prescriptions from different doctors
  • Using fake prescription pads to get more of the drug
  • Going to the ER and claiming false injuries in order to get extra painkillers

Addiction Is Treatable

Allowing your loved one to continue to live with an active addiction to a prescription drug like Demerol is not an option. The risk of dying due to overdose or due to an accident while under the influence is just too great. In the meantime, parts of their life will begin to atrophy and decay until they have little if anything left – family members leave, finances deteriorate, and their life becomes unrecognizable compared to how they lived before addiction began.

You may already feel that you have lost your loved one to addiction. The longer you wait to help them get into treatment, the more likely it will be that that feeling of loss becomes permanent.

Getting treatment is difficult and easy at the same time. It’s emotionally exhausting and physically uncomfortable from time to time – but it’s as simple as picking up the phone to get started. Contact one of our addiction treatment counselors at the phone number listed above and learn how you can help your loved one start their journey back from addiction.

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