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Finding the Best Darvocet Addiction Treatment Center

Painkillers such as Darvocet are the class of prescription drugs that are the most highly abused. Forty million prescriptions for painkillers are issued every year to individuals for the first time in the US alone. The age group that abuses this class of drugs the most are adults, 18 to 25 years old. Many individuals may require the medication legitimately, and find that they become dependent upon it.  Others may abuse the drugs strictly recreationally – a common trend among today’s teens.

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What Is Darvocet?

luxury-shutter2183101-darvocet-pillsDarvocet is an opiate analgesic used to treat mild to moderate pain. It is a combination of acetaminophen (Tylenol) and propoxyphene. In November 2010, it was withdrawn from the US market because the FDA determined propoxyphene to put patients at risk for abnormal and potentially life-threatening heart rhythms.
Propoxyphene is habit-forming and can cause serious physical addiction in long-term users. It can be taken orally, snorted or injected. Propoxyphene acts directly on the central nervous system and is chemically similar to methadone. It acts on opioid receptors in the brain, increasing tolerance to pain while causing sedation and respiratory depression. Common side effects can include dizziness, nausea, vomiting and constipation.

Darvocet Addiction Potential

There has been so much press given to the fact that prescription drug abuse and addiction is rising sharply every year that many patients are scared to take an opiate painkiller or sedative because they fear they will become addicted to their medication. While it’s a viable fear, it’s important to remember that medications can be used safely when taken as prescribed by an involved physician.

Are you concerned that you or your loved one has developed a dependence upon Darvocet or another prescription drug? Contact us today to talk about how the best Darvocet addiction treatment facility can help you.

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Does Everyone With a Darvocet Prescription Have the Potential to Develop an Addiction?

This is a question that must be answered carefully. While there is always the potential for the development of a prescription drug addiction when one takes an ongoing, open-ended prescription drug that is addictive, it should be made clear that not everyone with a Darvocet prescription will develop an addiction.

Additionally, there is a difference between being physically dependent upon Darvocet and being addicted to the drug. A psychological dependence characterized by cravings on top of a physical addiction characterized by abuse of the medication must both be in play for there to be cause for concern.

Addictions happen when:

  • There is a genetic predisposition to develop addiction.
  • The drug is abused (e.g., crushed before snorting or swallowing).
  • The drug is abused with alcohol or other substances.
  • The drug is taken more often than prescribed or without a prescription.

Darvocet Addiction

A Darvocet addiction treatment program must treat both the physical and psychological addiction to help the patient be successful with recovery. Darvocet acts directly on the central nervous system through the action of propoxyphene. This disrupts brain biochemistry, causing the body to adjust metabolically to the presence of Darvocet. When the body adjusts, it gradually becomes dependent on the drug, altering its normal functions to accommodate the propoxyphene. The dependence on the presence of the drug in the body is what causes addiction.The person physically craves the drug because their central nervous system has learned to function in the presence of it. When that drug is eliminated, withdrawal occurs.

Signs of Darvocet Addiction

Since use of Darvocet has become so widespread, individuals should familiarize themselves with the signs of abuse. This knowledge can help them to detect their own addiction or a problem in someone they care about.

How Can You Tell if Someone Has a Darvocet Addiction?

The main ingredient in Darvocet is called Darvon. It is classified as a narcotic and highly addictive. Like many other drugs that fall into this category, there is a risk of side effects. It is the side effects associated with this drug that can be detected to identify addiction to Darvocet. Common side effects include:

  • Seizures
  • Reduced heart rate
  • Pain in the chest
  • Shortness of breath
  • Issues with digestion, like nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite

Darvocet Addiction Symptoms

Do you have a prescription for Darvocet? Have you been taking it for months, slowly increasing your dosage? Are you concerned that your relationship with the drug has become dysfunctional? Are you worried that you may be living with a Darvocet addiction that requires medical and psychotherapeutic treatment?

If so, contact one of our addiction treatment experts today at the phone number listed above to discuss your circumstances and possibilities for a future without Darvocet.

Symptoms of Darvocet Addiction Include….

  • Taking the drug without a prescription
  • Taking more Darvocet than prescribed
  • Combining Darvocet with alcohol or other substances to increase its effect
  • Crushing the pills before taking them
  • Snorting or injecting Darvocet after crushing the pills
  • Obsessing about the next dose of the drug
  • Obsessing about getting more Darvocet
  • Stealing the medication from others
  • Fraudulently getting the prescription through multiple doctors or from the emergency room

Intense cravings for the drug, feeling as if you need it to go on, experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms if you try to cut back on your dosage or stop taking the drug altogether – all these things and more can signify that you are living with an addiction that requires medical detox and psychotherapeutic treatment.

In addition to the above side effects, withdrawal symptoms can be indicative of addiction.

Signs of Darvocet Withdrawal

It takes up to 72 hours for some of the symptoms of Darvocet withdrawal to subside. This means that the worst withdrawal symptoms occur over the first few days after the last dose of Darvocet is taken. The withdrawal symptoms that addicts typically experience when they stop taking Darvocet include:

  • Body chills
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Respiratory issues like a runny nose and/or coughing
  • Insomnia
  • Aches and pains throughout the body
Some withdrawal symptoms can last for weeks. These symptoms can signify addiction when they appear, but they do also require treatment.

Intervention for Darvocet Addiction

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A professional interventionist can help you convince a loved one to seek the help they need. A neutral party facilitating the process is often beneficial as it can help take some of the feelings of personal judgment out of the equation. Seeking professional interventionist help is beneficial for anyone who suspects Darvocet addiction in someone they love.

Darvocet Addiction Treatment Options

Darvocet addicts have several options when it comes to addiction treatment, but all programs fall into one of two categories.

Inpatient Darvocet Addiction Treatment: Inpatient treatment requires the individual to live at the facility for the duration of their rehab stay. Patients receive constant support and have round-the-clock access to medical professionals and counselors. Inpatient treatment is recommended for patients who have been suffering with addiction for a long period of time, are entering into treatment after a relapse or suffering with a strong physical addiction. Physicians may recommend inpatient treatment for Darvocet addicts because of the potentially severe withdrawal symptoms they might experience.

The Dangers of Darvocet Addiction

In the case of prescription pharmaceuticals, it can be difficult to detect addiction. Most patients start taking the drug because of a legitimate, medical need that eventually turns into addiction. Withdrawal symptoms when use of the drug stops are a good sign a person has become addicted to Darvocet; sometimes people will become addicted without even realizing it. Darvocet abuse is characterized as using the drug excessively, or outside of what is deemed medically necessary. Long-term abuse of Darvocet can result in serious health complications and even death. Long-term effects of Darvocet include:
  • Kidney failure
  • Hallucinations
  • Jaundice
  • Liver failure and dysfunction
  • Decreased respiratory function
  • Abnormal heart rhythm
  • Death
Darvocet addiction treatment helps patients treat all aspects of their addiction to give them the best chance of recovery and lifelong sobriety.

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