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Choosing the Best Private Treatment Center for College Student Addiction

Is There Rehab for College Students?
Recreational drug and alcohol use in college can lead to addiction and ruin an academic career. Rehab programs that cater specifically to college students place students in an environment with their peers, where they can learn from each other while participating in group and recreational activities that help them overcome addiction.

College is both a time of discovery and freedom. It is a time for meeting new people, deciding on a career and discovering new things about yourself. Many times, however, college is also a place where young people experiment with drugs. In some cases, recreational drug use can turn into drug abuse and ultimately addiction. This can literally change the course of your life. You could be left unmotivated, directionless and at risk for ruining your college career. If you’re struggling with abuse and addiction issues, you should know that rehab is available to get college students back on track toward a successful future. If you’d like help finding a program, contact us today.

Drug Use in College

It is important to understand that alcohol is a drug and can be abused with the same consequences as hard drugs. It can lead to dependency and be highly disruptive to a productive life. Recreational alcohol use is common on college campuses, but abuse can be detrimental. According to a report by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in 2009, 46.6 percent of substance abuse treatment admissions were related to alcohol for college students, compared to only 30.6 percent for non-college students of the same age.

With the stress of school, many fall prey to illicit drugs in college also, in an attempt to manage responsibilities and mitigate worry. You don’t have to be a victim, however, and many schools offer on-campus counseling for drug abuse issues. There are usually support groups held on campus as well.

Treatment Specific to College Students

Young adults, between the ages of 18 and 22, may feel out of place in a traditional, adult-centered treatment program. While other patients may be juggling fulltime jobs and dealing with issues with spouses and children, college students have different responsibilities and pressures on their plates.

If you opt for a program that is focused at college students, you’re more likely to be surrounded by likeminded peers in treatment – other college students who are experiencing the same life circumstances as you are. This means you may be able to gain more from your shared experiences in group therapy and extracurricular activities.

*Daniel’s Story

Daniel, a business major and sophomore at a UC, made it through his freshman year with decent grades even though he used alcohol and drugs recreationally. By the second semester of his sophomore year, however, weekend drinking had become nightly drinking. He also began using cocaine to help him study or “sober up” before class. His grades started to suffer greatly, and he was put on academic probation.

He was planning to drop out completely when he was arrested for a DUI over summer break and forced to attend a 28-day treatment program by the court – a true blessing in disguise.  With the help of the program, he began to acknowledge how substance abuse had completely changed his life’s trajectory. He became motivated to overcome the damage substance abuse had caused.

After treatment, Daniel was hesitant to enroll back in college early in his recovery, so he took the fall semester off. After the time off and feeling more confident in his sobriety, Daniel enrolled in spring semester classes, found an on-campus support group and became involved with college-related activities such as intermural sports.

Two years later, when Daniel graduated, he had maintained a 3.6 GPA and been accepted into graduate school.

Far too often, college students hand over such a vital time in their lives to alcohol and drug abuse and addiction. Colleges offer a wealth of support for those seeking help with substance abuse. When you get the help you need, it means that your college career and your life have the chance to succeed.

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