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Holistic Cocaine Recovery Centers

Holistic Cocaine Recovery Centers

The foundation for a holistic approach to healing is treatment that addresses the entire person – the mind, the body and the spirit.

The goal with a holistic recovery is to align those three factors into perfect harmony. The theory goes then that where there is balance, there is no need for addiction. This applies to many types of addiction, but especially to cocaine abuse. Although there are clear physiological symptoms of cocaine use, the underlying reasons for taking the drug are often related to psychological issues. If the reasons for the cocaine addiction can be unlocked and examined then the recovery journey becomes all the more productive. First, it’s important to bring the mind, body and spirit into that perfect sense of alignment.

A holistic recovery center will have a specially trained staff that is well-versed in the principles behind this form of treatment.

Most patients find that an extended stay as these centers helps them become immersed in this intensive form of therapy and allows them the time to develop their own approach to a comprehensive holistic recovery program.

Features of Holistic Cocaine Recovery Treatment Centers

Holistic cocaine treatment can take many forms and is often adapted to suit the individual patient’s needs. There are some very popular and effective programs to engage in during holistic cocaine recovery. Keep in mind that these programs and activities are worked in conjunction with established methods of recovery such as intensive therapy.

  • Meditation
    Learning to practice meditation allows you to shut out the outside distractions and focus on your inner self. Meditation can not only help you improve your ability to focus, but can also provide valuable insight into some of the issues you’re dealing with. When you are able to settle down and let the mind become still, you’ll be amazed at what truths can be revealed.
  • Acupuncture
    Steeped in ancient Eastern practices, acupuncture is the art of focusing on your body’s map of pressure points to release tension and anxiety. A skilled acupuncturist will know just what areas to concentrate on to help relieve the stress and addictive behaviors associated with cocaine abuse.
  • Yoga
    Practicing yoga continues the work of aligning your body and mind. You might not think you’re flexible when you begin yoga, but continued practice will slowly move your body into relaxing positions to help stretch out muscles and relieve physical strain. Yoga is also a healthy physical workout which lets you get your body back into shape after months or years of abuse from cocaine.
  • Diet
    If you’re recovering from a cocaine addiction, you’re probably also recovering from some unhealthy eating habits. The well-balanced holistic approach to treatment extends to what you eat.
  • Exercise
    Holistic recovery isn’t all about new approaches to treatment. In fact, many of the programs in holistic cocaine recovery programs are centered around age-old healthy habits, such as exercise. A lot of benefit can be had from creating a complete exercise program that can include hiking, swimming, biking, aerobics or weight training.

Holistic Aftercare at Cocaine Recovery Centers

All of the practices you begin at a holistic recovery center can be taken with you back to your daily life. Yoga and meditation can be practiced anywhere. Eating right is something you should be doing all along.

As for therapy, you’ll be encouraged to continue that work as well, as it allows your recovery to strengthen each day.

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