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Malibu Drug Rehabs

Malibu drug rehab programs are among the most popular in the world for two reasons: the beauty of their location and the cutting edge nature of the research that informs the treatments and practices at most facilities.

Located in sunny southern California, Malibu drug rehab programs offer an almost vacation-like feel as well as treatment programs and substance abuse treatment professionals that are associated with local universities and research centers that are among the most proficient in the industry.

Alternative Inpatient Malibu Drug Rehab Programs

When people choose Malibu as the location for their drug rehab program it is usually due to the draw of the many interesting alternative inpatient facilities in the area.

You will find a number of evidence-based drug rehab programs in Malibu that offer some of the most cutting edge therapeutic options available. Without the restrictions of state and federal mandated funding, the private Malibu drug rehab programs are free to provide you with a wide variety of therapeutic amenities that may include yoga, acupuncture, art therapy, story and psychodrama therapy, ropes and adventure course therapy, equine-assisted horse therapy and organic, gourmet cuisine focused on perpetuating a physical cleanse and detox throughout your stay. All this and a beautiful view, this is what Malibu drug rehab programs are famous for.

Traditional Inpatient Malibu Drug Rehab Programs

Traditional inpatient Malibu drug rehab programs based on the 12 steps are also popular. Based on the tried and true theory behind the 12 steps and 12 traditions, traditional inpatient Malibu drug rehab programs are generally centered on a religious view of a higher power and focus on service. The programs are generally formulaic but may be modified to suit individual needs and emphasize the importance of working the steps with a sponsor.

Outpatient Malibu Drug Rehab Programs

Outpatient Malibu drug rehab programs may be traditional or alternative, but none are residential. Schedules and requirements will vary from program to program but you will be expected to commit to a certain number of group sessions per week, 12-step meetings, educational classes and personal therapy sessions. You may also be expected to get a sponsor and fulfill service requirements as well as check in and take random drug and alcohol tests. Family therapy may also be an option later in the program.

Malibu Drug Rehab Programs

If you or someone you love are addicted to drugs and/ or alcohol, a Malibu drug rehab program is an excellent choice.

Remember: if you are physically dependent upon your drug of choice (i.e., if you experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using or getting high on your own) then you need to make sure that your Malibu drug rehab program includes a medical drug detox.

Getting the medical care you need is of primary importance when addiction is an issue. Take the time to take care of yourself and get the help you need.

Contact a Malibu drug rehab program for assistance or for answers to your questions about drug detox and drug addiction treatment.

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