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Celebrity Drug Rehab Centers

What Are Celebrity Rehabs?
There aren’t rehabs that only treat celebrities. In reality, celebrities tend to choose the most high-end programs. But anyone who can afford these programs can receive treatment there. Celebrities often choose centers where their privacy and anonymity will be protected. Los Angeles is a popular location for celebrity rehabs, but some seek treatment in Utah, Arizona, or Hawaii.

If you’ve picked up a magazine or spent time online in the past few years, you have probably felt like Hollywood celebrities are always coming and going from one drug rehab program or another.

The truth is, celebrities may seem to have more addiction issues than the general population, but in truth it only appears that way because of the relentless media attention placed on these recognizable men and women on a daily basis.

Private Drug Treatment for Celebrities

Just because a famous actor or musician lives his life in the spotlight doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be afforded his privacy when the time comes for him to enter into an addiction treatment program. With magazines and television shows now offering a premium “bounty” for those members of the paparazzi able to snap pictures of these men and women and at the their lowest moments, there is a greater call than ever to find the most private addiction treatment facilities possible. These private drug rehab centers offer a higher level of anonymity and luxury than other facilities – and therefore appeal to those stars that have the resources to pay for them.

Do Celebrities Receive Preferential Treatment in Rehab?

Although there are occasional headlines about celebs being able to come and go from residential addiction treatment centers as they please, these situations are not the norm. As a general rule, the moment a famous person completes the admissions process, they are treated just like everyone else in the program. This is a huge benefit to famous people living with addiction as many of them are often surrounded by “yes men” who are willing to indulge their every whim and desire. Celebrity drug rehab provides “checks and balances” that were not present in their lives before treatment.

Getting Help at Celebrity Addiction Treatment Center

There is no such thing as a drug rehab center exclusively for celebrities. Famous people tend to choose the most exclusive, most expensive addiction treatment centers – but almost anyone who can afford to pay for it can obtain treatment there.

Where do Celebrities Go for Alcohol and Drug Treatment?

Celebrity drug rehab centers are predominantly located in a few select regions of the United States. Los Angeles, and surrounding areas such as Malibu, Palm Springs, and the Hollywood Hills are all home to the most celebrity drug rehab centers. Some individuals, however, prefer to enter treatment away from Hollywood – choosing instead lush, bucolic settings in Utah, Arizona, Hawaii or upstate New York.

TV and the World of Celebrity Drug Rehab

The success of the VH1 reality show Celebrity Rehab has brought the issue of drug addiction in Hollywood to forefront. The show, which is currently in it’s fourth season, has provided an insider’s view of what it is like to go through treatment at a Los Angeles drug rehab facility. Although there is some debate over whether or not the show is exploitative in nature, it has helped people better understand the plight of those who have seen their lives thrown into chaos as a result of drugs and alcohol.