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California Drug Rehabs

Why Seek Treatment in California?
Drug rehabs are available in major metropolitan areas in California, as well as desirable locations such as Malibu and Palm Springs. These programs are likely to be more open to using holistic practices as well as cutting-edge medical treatments. Though they can be expensive, people can use insurance, personal resources, and financing options to pay.

Residents of California and patients across the country who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction turn to the “Golden State” when it’s time to enroll in drug rehab.

Immediate access to cutting-edge research and treatment modalities created in local universities and research centers as well as the ability to employ staff members who are graduates of these programs means that the level of care available at California programs is top of the line. With a number of different types of rehab to choose from and a huge range of addiction treatment services, success is easily accessible at California treatment programs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 8.7 percent of the US population over the age of 12 reports the nonmedical use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Many of these are living with an active drug addiction yet few receive the care they need to break free from addiction. Why?

San Diego California Drug RehabIn many cases, those living with addiction to heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, prescription drugs and other substances are in no position to locate an appropriate treatment program for themselves even if they recognize the need for care. In this case, it may be necessary for family and friends to step forward and help guide their addicted loved one toward the best addiction treatment choices available, even assisting them with the enrollment process.

If you would like help locating a California rehabilitation that will help you or your loved one fight dependence upon drugs and alcohol, contact us at Rehabs.com today. We can match you with the right treatment program for your needs at a center that has the resources to effectively treat issues of addiction as well as co-occurring psychological and mental health problems. Call now.

Where Can California Rehab Be Found?

Los Angeles CA Drug RehabilitationThroughout the State of California, individuals seeking the highest levels of care will find some of the best drug treatment facilities in the world. It is common to find high-end outpatient programs in major metropolitan areas in California like Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco because it is easier for patients to get to and from treatment from their home and maintain work and school schedules as well.

Luxury inpatient drug rehabs are generally located in more rural, upscale areas like Malibu, Palm Springs, and Big Sur because of their beautiful scenery and remote locale. These areas lend themselves well to rehabilitation because they allow patients to focus solely on their recovery and draw inspiration from the natural beauty of the surroundings. Mountains and beaches are both easily accessible in these locations, providing patients with the opportunity to incorporate adventure and outdoor therapies into their program.

For many, choosing a residential rehabilitation in a destination location in California provides them with the distance they need from the stresses of home and family. This is often a huge boost to recovery because the patient has permission to focus on him or herself rather than on the issues that may have triggered or encouraged their lapse into addiction.

What Makes California Drug Rehabs Unique?

San Francisco CA Drug RehabWhile most facilities throughout California offer treatment styles similar to those found throughout the United States, there are a number of rehab centers that offer programs that are uniquely Californian. First, California (especially the southern part of the state) has always been a place where traditional Eastern healing practices have found a North American home. This open-minded attention to homeopathic and holistic treatment resources has been incorporated into a number of treatment centers. As a result, options like yoga, meditation, acupuncture and other holistic healing elements are often found in California drug rehabs and used to aid in the recovery of their addicted patients. The mind-body-spirit connection was first proven effective in California, and as a result, has slowly trickled down in a mutated form to other addiction treatment programs in the country.

California is also known for cutting-edge advances in medical technology. Many centers in California have blazed a trail for rehabs across the country for their work with neuroscientific forms of addiction treatment and the latest cognitive counseling strategies to help address the psychological components of addiction.

California Rehabilitation Costs

Though everyone who struggles with addiction deserves access to high-end drug and alcohol treatment, the cost of care can be prohibitive in some circumstances. Many California  programs cost tens of thousands dollars a month, due in part to their prime locations, high-end treatment services, and well-educated staff members. The exclusivity of these programs is part of what makes them so effective – but many mistakenly believed that this level of treatment is reserved for celebrities only.

The fact is that no matter how expensive, the best California drug rehab programs are accessible to almost everyone, no matter what their financial circumstances are. Some of the most common options for payment include:

Health insurance+

This is the first place to look for financial assistance because most health insurance providers are required by state law to provide a portion of payment for certain addiction treatment services, both medical and psychological. These laws vary from state to state, so it is important that patients take the time to understand their policy. They should speak directly with their insurance agent in order to nail down exactly how much they can expect in terms of financial support when it’s time to pay for addiction treatment as well as double-check their state’s insurance regulatory board site or legislative analyst’s office.

Personal resources+

Few who have spent years living with an active addiction will have money in the bank to pay for treatment. To the contrary, most are struggling with high debt, bankruptcy, foreclosure and other serious financial issues. However, some patients have sympathetic family members with financial resources available to help them pay for treatment. It is possible to make these family loans more formal with contracts if there is a concern about repayment.

Financing options+

There are a number of loan options available for patients based upon their financial circumstances. Low-interest and no-interest loans as well as secured and unsecured loans are available with repayment periods that suit the patient’s budget. Those that can make financing for treatment available in just a few days are often relatively easy to obtain.

Core Components of California Rehabilitation

Every California drug rehab will be different, offering therapies and treatments that support their view of what a safe and sober life looks like in recovery. However, there are a few basic goals that will be the focus of those treatments and therapies, no matter what the philosophy of care. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, these include:


This starts with medical detox as the patient safely stops taking their drug of choice and works through the withdrawal symptoms until they reach a state of physical and mental stability. In some cases, it may be appropriate to take advantage of pharmacological assistance in the form of detox medications, antidepressants or antipsychotics during this stage of treatment in order to better help the patient avoid relapse.

Personal honesty+

In order to progress through treatment, it is necessary for patients to be honest with themselves and with their therapists. It doesn’t come naturally; many who have lived with addiction for a long time have become practiced in the art of verbal manipulation, so much so that they even have themselves fooled. The real work of leaving a life of addiction behind starts when the patient honestly addresses the issues that may have driven addictive behavior and promoted relapse.

Interpersonal relationships+

Working on the strained relationships between patients and family members and close friends is one of the goals of drug rehab, but when it is determined that prior relationships have become toxic or don’t serve the goals of an drug-free lifestyle, learning how to identify and grow positive relationships becomes the new focus.

Relapse prevention+

The true measure of a successful addiction treatment program is one that helps the patient remain drug-free for the long term. This goal is accomplished through relapse prevention, educational and practical classes designed to give patients an actionable plan that will carry them through temptations and hard times and give them the tools they need to avoid succumbing to relapse.

The Advantages of Residential Addiction Treatment

Individuals who take part in residential drug rehab do so because there are a number of advantages to this form of treatment over their outpatient counterparts. These benefits include:

  • Round-the-clock care. Individuals who enroll in residential treatment are monitored throughout their time there. The object of this supervision is not to invade the privacy of the individual, but rather to make sure, at all times, that the recovering addict is making progress and adhering to the rules of the treatment center.
  • Holistic care. California programs are known for their holistic offerings. Yoga, acupuncture and meditation are all commonly included in these programs to help enhance overall wellness and strengthen the mind, body and spirit connection of the individual.
  • Top amenities. Comfort and wellness go hand in hand. For that reason, most California residential addiction treatment centers offer top amenities that are on par with those offered at luxury resorts and hotels. These amenities include private rooms, gourmet cuisine and more.
  • Support systems. By living alongside other recovering addicts, the individual is able to form a support structure that greatly enhances recovery. These networks are strengthened daily during group counseling and time spent socializing in common areas.

Residential drug rehab is recommended to patients who have repeatedly relapsed after past treatments, are diagnosed with co-occurring mental health disorders, or have tried outpatient care and been unsuccessful in avoiding relapse.

Advantages of Outpatient Services

Outpatient programs in California provide all the therapeutic care found at an inpatient program but with a few different advantages and benefits. These include:

  • Freedom. Being allowed to go home each night means that patients have the freedom to pursue other goals outside of drug treatment. Many have families to care for, jobs to go to, and/or classes to attend. Outpatient care allows you to get psychotherapeutic treatment you need to avoid relapse while pursuing other goals.
  • “Trial by fire” support. While out in the world, patients will come across the kind of day-to-day stressors that define everyone’s life. The difference is that they will have the support of counselors, therapists and peers when those stressors make them want to relapse or get high.
  • Family and couples counseling. It is often easier for family members and significant others to take part in couples counseling and family therapy when the patient opts for an outpatient program. Those involved can immediately practice implementing what they learn in treatment and report back to get further guidance if necessary.
  • Accountability. Regular drug tests are administered during outpatient treatment to help patients avoid relapse when tempted and to help them maintain the integrity of the program for themselves and other enrolled patients.

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California drug rehab programs are some of the most sought-after treatment centers in the world. If you would like to find the California program that will best fit your needs or the needs of your family, contact us today. We can match you with a high-end addiction treatment program that will provide you with the medical and psychotherapeutic care you need to create a new life for yourself and your family without the shackles of drug addiction.

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