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There are many false beliefs in our society pertaining to addiction in its many forms and how it should be treated. Television shows, movies and the media perpetuate many of these myths, so even people who do not have direct experience with the addiction and recovery process generally have an opinion about it or think there are some basic “facts” that all people are aware of surrounding the issue. Unfortunately, many of these ideas are false, and despite the best efforts of many organizations that attempt to educate the public, these myths still persist on a grand scale.

Top 5 Myths Surrounding Addiction Treatment and Recovery

  1. Willpower is the key to overcoming addiction.Recovery from substance abuse does take determination and a strong commitment for the long term, however, mere willpower alone cannot overcome the altered brain chemistry that is the result of repeated drug use. In addition to understanding the biology of addiction, experts in the field are often needed to help navigate the healing process for the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual causes of compulsive drug abuse.
  1. Addiction is a moral failing. Although this belief is slowly changing, our entire society is programmed to perpetuate the stereotype that addiction is a moral corruption that can only be solved through punishment – such as jail time. Most physicians now agree that addiction is actually a brain disease that is most successfully treated through rehabilitation. A combination of therapy, prescription meds, exercise, and other techniques to positively cope with stress are utilized during the treatment process.
  1. Addicts have to hit rock bottom before they can get better.Actually,early intervention is best. Treatment can be successful at any point and the less damage that has been done to relationships, career, finances and health, the easier the recovery.
  1. Forced treatment is not successful. Voluntary admission is not a prerequisite for a successful recovery. Individuals strong-armed into treatment due to family, career or legal stipulations have just as good of a chance at becoming sober as those who admit themselves willingly. During rehab, individuals clear themselves of the drugs running through their system and have a better opportunity to think straight and embrace the process.
  1. Relapse is a sign that sobriety is not possible. Relapse is a completely normal part of recovery. Setbacks after a period of sobriety are a sign that the treatment approach needs to be adjusted, not that the addict is incapable of long-term success.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with substance abuse, we can help. Our trained counselors can pair you with a treatment program that matches your individual needs. Call today to discuss the many options you have for a full recovery from addiction.

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