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Prescription drug addiction and all the associated risks and problems are truly hitting everyone. Even Stevie Nicks is now discussing how her prescription for tranquilizers stole years from her. In fact, she recently said that taking the prescription tranquilizers given to her by her psychiatrist “ruined” her life. It’s a complaint of many who live with prescription drug addiction.

No matter how you come to prescription drug addiction, it can steal years worth of opportunities, experiences, relationships and more. For many who don’t get the treatment they need, prescription drug addiction is what ends their life as well. It’s a painfully difficult issue to fight without medical and psychological treatment. In fact, because of the dangers of complications and withdrawal symptoms, inpatient detox and addiction treatment is recommended. If you are looking for a prescription drug rehab that can help you, contact us today.

prescription pills spillingHow Prescription Drug Addiction Starts

Ironically, Nicks started taking tranquilizers in an effort to combat her drug addiction. During the 1980s, she famously struggled with cocaine addiction and, in 1986, entered cocaine rehab to fight the problem. Later that same year, a psychiatrist prescribed her tranquilizers to help her more easily navigate through the stressors that come with recovery. It’s the singular event in Nicks’ life that she says she would change if she could: “The only thing I would change is walking into that psychiatrist’s office who prescribed me (the pills). That ruined my life for eight years. That was just a stupid doctor making a groupie mistake and just wanting me to come in there, tell him about all my music friends and young Hollywood, and that nearly ruined my life and nearly killed me.”

Loss of Quality of Life

Nicks’ biggest complaint about the tranquilizers she took for eight years is that those eight years were lost to her. Says Nicks, “That’s eight years that I could have. God knows, maybe I would have met someone, maybe I would have had a baby. That was my prime eight years. That was a big mistake. Everything else was exactly how it should have been.”

Nicks says the prescribed pills nearly killed her and breaking free from them was the best thing that ever happened to her.

Treating Prescription Drug Addiction at Prescription Drug Rehab

If you or someone you love is living with a prescription drug addiction, don’t give up another day to the disorder. Contact us today to find a prescription drug rehab program that can provide you with the detox and addiction treatment you need to start a new life for yourself without drug dependence.