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K2 is one of the many synthetic versions of marijuana available to those looking for a relaxing high. The biggest difference between K2 and marijuana? K2 is still legal in certain forms in a number of states. It’s the legality of it that is making it such a huge draw for a number of sex workers and the pimps in the business of controlling them, according to Scientific American blog The White Noise. That, and the mechanism of control given to pimps when they offer their girls the continued opportunity to “earn” a special treat by working the street corner and making money.

The Benefits of a Legal Drug

The jobs of sex workers and pimps are illegal in the United States. For them, accessing a legal drug means that there’s one less charge on the list if they get arrested for sex work. In some states, drug charges carry heavier penalties than prostitution, which means that girls who are arrested are back on the streets more quickly.

It also means fewer interactions that could turn problematic. Dealings with drugs dealers are notoriously difficult while walking into a bodega and buying K2 off the shelf couldn’t be simpler. Girls can smoke the drug while walking up and down the sidewalk in search of their next customer, and pimps can keep the drug in their car to hand out at their discretion without fear of legal repercussions.

The Popularity of K2

K2 hasn’t been around for long, but in the few short years that it has graced the shelves of head shops, corner stores and gas stations, a number of different populations have been using the drug. Truckers who want the drug to counter the effects of coffee and stimulant substances when they’re ready to sleep, teens and young adults who can’t legally buy alcohol and don’t know where to get other illicit substances, and anyone looking for a legal high (like sex workers and their pimps) are using K2.

Cheap and potent, the drug is a money maker for those who sell it, so even in the places where certain versions of the drug are banned, sellers have no problem taking on the risk of inadvertently stocking an illegal version (it’s not easy to keep up with the constant chemical changes and updated legal bans) by making sure that they always have the product on their shelves.

K2 Is Deadly

Emergency rooms across the country report that admissions related to the use of K2 are on the rise. In some cases, the result has been death. If you or someone you know is abusing K2, don’t be fooled by the legality of the drug. It is dangerous and addictive. If you are unable to stop using the substance on your own, we can help. Call now for more information on addiction treatment programs that will work for you.

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