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Choosing between inpatient drug rehab and outpatient drug addiction treatment is the first decision you will have to make when you seek treatment. Depending upon your circumstance, it may be a difficult choice or it may be a choice made by necessity.

You can’t expect an individual to stand up and declare “I need help from an alcohol rehab program!” The majority of those who have an alcohol addiction are likely to be in a state of deep denial about the true nature of their problem – and may fall deeper and deeper into a downward spiral as a result.

State governments are now beginning to fund holistic medicine facilities with greater regularity,confirming that these practices are fast gaining mainstream acceptance in the United States.

Confirming what many in the addiction treatment field have suspected for years, a recent study by European researchers have found a strong link between drug addiction in women and a history of sexual abuse. Examining the lives of poor women and prostitutes in Malta, the study finds that sexual abuse is a leading cause of […]

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